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  1. Thank you so much. I will have a chat with them later today.
  2. Thanks, yes, they know everything. They know it's why I left my last job and I was honest and up front from my very first cover letter.
  3. Hi, I have just started a new job after a long period of sickness. My last boss took a dislike to me as I was off long term because an operation I had went wrong and left me in a worse state. I also have some anxiety and depression. I left as things were getting unbearable, things on her end were not kept very professional unfortunately. I have just got a part time job and my boss is asking for two references which is fine but as this was my last job I will need to (or I assume so) give her name. As she dislikes me can she say anything? I thought I might explain to my new boss that I am happy to give her name but she did take a personal dislike the answer may not be favourable or would this be a bad idea? Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you.
  4. Thank you, that has put some of my mind at ease.
  5. Hi everyone, I went to tribunal on the 8th May as I was turned down for PIP, as the majority are. The appeal awarded me the points I needed and gave me a letter with their decision on. As I hadn't received any correspondence from the DWP I gave them as call on Tuesday to ask if they had my up to date bank details and if they knew when they would start my benefit. The lady who answered took a while and eventually found the decision from the tribunal on her system. She then said that there is no date on the system as they have to make their decision and they would write to me in due course. She then said to call in a week if I haven't heard anything?!? Does anyone else have experience of this? What is the point of appealing if the DWP then disregard this? I have a back payment to come and like the rest of the UK am struggling so just wondering if they are going to pay me or not and am freaking out a bit as it was a really tough and overwhelming experience. Thank you.
  6. Thank you, I did briefly speak with the DWP on Friday and they said that work needed to fill in a SSC1 form with the end date of my SSP. I emailed them with a link fir the form that I found via the DWP website so they don't have to look for it themselves and asked them to provide me with the end date so just waiting to hear. I will look at the benefits board on the forum also.
  7. Think we replied at the same time honeybee13 x
  8. I know that after 28 weeks you change over to ESA (or as I understand) but I could be wrong. Does anybody, or yourself know if this switches automatically or do I have to apply as I know there is no way I can go back full-time and they don't want a part-timer. I have applied for PIP but was turned down so am in the process of appealing as I read my report and it is incorrect. Many thanks again.
  9. Thank you, as far as I know because work do not have a sick pay scheme and it is just SSP I will have double checked but as far as I can see there is nothing unaccounted for. They are not being too nice and ignoring me and my calls so will try and speak to someone again.
  10. Hi, Thank you for your reply. My 28 weeks is from around the 21st February.
  11. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have been on SSP since the end of August, I have a long term health condition that flared up and I have been in debilitating pain nearly 24/7 (I have had several hospital admissions and procedures during this time). My GP does not feel I am fit for work and I have to agree. I have been getting the correct amount up until now, when I checked my account on payday I noticed my employers have paid me just over £140. I have been passing on my doctors notes and letting them know the situation. They are being a bit weird with me since being off long term, just wondering if they can pay you less than what you are supposed to be getting? Many thanks in advance, Charlie.
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