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  1. Update: Today I recieved some information in response to my SAR. The information came from the Subject Access Request Team at Leicester. I was very disappointed with what they have sent, I received: Reams of dot matrix printed Informatiom relating to my Barclaycards and also my Rbs credit card. And a 'DATA PROTECTION ACT SUBJECT ACCESS REPORT' consisting of 41 pages which to be honest has very little information in it. This is all that I have received. The report has no references to me opening the Additions account in May 96, closing the Additions account on Sunday 01/02/98 or any reference to me re-opening an Additions account in April 98. The only reference it has; is to me supposedly upgrading to Additions plus on 21/06/05. In the 'Notepad Details' section: Note pad text: 'customer would like to upgrade to add plus from additions for comprehensive travel insurance no further on required please sanction' The thing is in the period of 2003 to 2008 I didn't go on holiday at all and I have only been abroad on holiday once in 1994. Most of my holidays out of this period have been camping so I would never have upgraded for comprehensive travel insurance. Also as I have said previously I had just found out that there was a significant chance that I would be made redundant, so I certainly would not have been planning any holidays at that time. On the report it days 'data extracted 13/02/17' so it's taken a month for me to receive it. In the covering letter it does say: 'If there is other information that you expected to receive in response to your request please let us know, providing as much specific detail as you can to help us locate what you want' So should I ask for information relating to my closing and re-opening additions In 1998? The covering letter also says: 'due to the type of information requested, there may be multiple packaged files sent to you by secure post' Does this mean I may receive more information from other Barclays locations/ departments? Thanks in advance for any advice. Alice
  2. Thanks Martin for your input. I will persevere with my application. Thanks CB, I will send a chasing letter first as advised by slick132. If I have no joy still maybe I will ring the number that you have kindly given. I will update as necessary. Thanks again, Alice
  3. Thanks slick132, and no problem with the hijack. Will update as necessary. Alice
  4. Spoke to Rm, my tracking number for the reply to their decision is now listed as missing. They said that Barclays might have the letter as signed for mail is signed for in bulk by big companies. I told them it was important I have proof of delivery; they said if I resend using special delivery I will definitely get a signature. Regarding my SAR still no correspondence, cheque still not cashed. The 40 days is up on Monday (In my count I included weekends). Thanks CuriousBee for your advice, but I really need them to give me all info in paper format. Thanks Alice
  5. I asked at the delivery office and they could only see what I could see on the tracking; they gave me the customer services number to ring which I will do tomorrow. The SAR letter to the London address was received and I have delivery confirmation for this. As of today I have had no correspondence regarding my application for information and the cheque has not been cashed. I have sent two letters recorded delivery to Leicester: The first regarding their letter about returning my questionnaire; this was not signed for but I think they received it because I sent it on a Friday and I received the phone call from them regarding the claim on the following Wednesday or Thursda.The man said that he had enough information: this suggests to me that he was saying that he did not need the questionnaire, so did he receive my letter? The second was the letter I sent regarding their decision, this has not been signed for and I have had no correspondence in response to the letter. Thanks Alice
  6. Thanks slick132, It's been two weeks now and the letter still hasn't been signed for by Barclays; what should I do now? Thanks in advance for any advice; it is greatly appreciated. Alice
  7. Hi All, Feeling very Frustrated with Barclays!!! Sent off the recommended letter regarding their decision and my SAR to Barclays Leicester by Royal Mail Second Class recorded on Friday. Should have arrived by now but hasn't been signed for. This is the second letter sent in February to that address, the first letter sent on the 13th February First Class recorded still hasn't got there. It makes me think they reject signed for mail. How can I get a letter to them and know that it has been received? Should I try special delivery? Or just send one normally with a certificate of posting and ask in the letter that they confirm receipt in writing? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Alice.
  8. Thank you so much for your valued advice slick132. I will do as you have advised. The full address that I sent the SAR to is: Barclays Bank Plc Head Office Customer Relations 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP I will update thread with any progress. Thanks again, Alice
  9. Thanks Andy!! I have just been looking at the dates; and the date they said I closed additions 01/02/1998 was a Sunday. How the could I possibly have converted to a fee free account on a SUNDAY. Also although I have put 16/04/1998 for re-opening additions (because I was at work writing my previous post without the letter), they actually haven't given a specific date, just APRIL 1998. Strange that they are so specific on the other dates. Thanks again. Alice
  10. I have blown my claim I think!! Sent the letter asking them to wait for my questionnaire until I had a response from my SAR - First Class Recorded Delivery on Monday Checked tracking and by Thursday it still had not been signed for. That same day I had a call from the bank regarding my claim; it took me completely unaware and I panicked. The guy said he had enough information; reeled of a list of dates that I had Additions. I had had it since May 1996 when it first came out; I opened my account in 1993. I did not hear all of the dates as I was in a noisy environment; should have asked him to repeat them but the call had stressed me out. He asked me if I had had any welcome packs etc and I said no; he then said I would recieve a letter in the next few days. Recieved the letter; they have rejected the claim: Most importantly they are saying my original Additions account is time barred as they are saying that I converted to a fee free account on 01/02/1998 and then converted it back to two months later to Additions on 16/04/1998. I cannot think for the life of me why I would have done this and have no recollection of this at all; I am absolutely sure that I didn't. I only know that I took a loan out in April 1998. I think that if It wasn't for this my case would have been upheld - very convenient for Barclays. They have said I upgraded to Additions Plus in branch on 21/06/2005; at this time I had found out that I was going to be made redundant so I cannot understand why I would upgrade my account to a more expensive one. Again I have no recollection of this at all. Regarding my SAR they recieved it on the 8th Feb but they still haven't cashed my cheque. Am I done now? Is my case closed? Should I still pursue my SAR to see if I can find evidence otherwise? Can I ask for proof of closing Additions in Feb 1998? Sorry for being such an Idiot; please can someone advise me. Thanks Alice.
  11. Thanks for your advice slick32. I will do that thankyou, Alice
  12. Update and advice needed please. I sent my SAR Monday 6th Feb it was received at the London address on Wednesday. Today I have received another Questionnaire the same as I had already received and a covering letter asking me to fill it in and return, if I have not already returned the original. It also says: "If we do not receive this we will continue to investigate your complaint using the information we already hold" What should I do, I do not want them to investigate and conclude the case without the opportunity to fill in the questionnaire using information from my SAR as a guide. Thanks in advance for any advice. Alice
  13. Thankyou slick132 I will get this sent today and update my thread as soon as I hear from them. Thankyou Alice
  14. Thanks slick132 Would you recommend that I ask for all information that they hold, or should I include that I specifically want information relating to the opening of my additions account? Thanks
  15. Thanks dx100uk, Can you confirm that the address to send the SAR to; Listed on the Data Protection Public Register; is Barclays Bank Plc Head Office Customer Relations 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP and not the address I sent the last one to (Which I have found on this forum Is where to contact if you have no reply to sar)? Privacy and Data Protection Radbroke Hall Knutsford Cheshire WA16 9EU Thanks.
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