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  1. Thanks again, being in Scotland does have some benefits apart from the weather of course
  2. Thanks dx100uk. I will write to Hoist regarding the default date. Once I get that amended I thought my next step would be to send a statute barred letter to request they stop contacting me ?
  3. Thanks, I realise the debt is extinguished but didn't want to send a statute barred letter until RW have resolved the default date issue. Is it only them that I need to complain to or do I need to write to Nationwide and HPH2 Ltd who are mentioned in letters from RW ?
  4. I have an old Nationwide credit card debt that has changed hands a few times. It now appears to be owned by Robinson Way who have started sending me collection letters. The debt had a default date of 20/12/2010 and dropped off my credit file last year. However, I have just checked Noddle and it has reappeared with a new default date of 06/2012. When Robinson Way contacted me four weeks ago, I sent them a Prove It letter to see what they had. They have replied saying "Please set out simple and reasonable details of your dispute or query, Please call us or write to us setting out the reasons why you dispute your liability for payment. It would also help if you could send any supporting documents that will aid us in resolving your dispute." This debt has not been paid or acknowledged since August 2011 so I believe it to be statute barred (I am in Scotland) but I don't want to send a statute barred letter until I get the default date amended back to the original date so it drops off my credit file again. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. I am not in a position to repay this debt.
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