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  1. Hello all. Deepest apologies for not having posted the outcome. I wrote a letter as recommended but not so much a crawling letter. Just matter of fact, I bought a return ticket (albeit a day return ticket) and it was my mistake. However, your company did get the money for a return trip .... They dropped all charges. Best regards to all.
  2. Hello BazzaS, thank you for your reply. Letter just says that my details were taken by a Revenue Protection Inspector at St Pancras on that date at the given time. "This letter is to inform you of our intention to take this case to the Magistrates Court and the enclosed form provides you with opportunity to tell us what happened from your point of view. Be honest etc." The barrier inspector didn't even date the form MG11 only exact time is shown (that's when I took the picture of the form and left) I realise now that paying the fee would have been the end of it but I did at the time feel very strongly about the situation. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi all. I have just joined this Forum in order to receive help and advice. On 9th January I travelled from St Pancras to St Albans. I purchased what I thought to be a return ticket (more of it later). On my return trip on 10th, I couldn't get access through the barrier at St Albans. The official looked at my ticket and let me through. On exiting at St Pancras, once more my ticket didn't get accepted by the machine and I approached the staff. I was told that my ticket wasn't for that day but the previous day and that I had purchased a "day return" on the 9th January. They told me that I was going to be treated as having no ticket and the fine was going to be £21 or something to that order. I complained as I still, in my mind, had paid for my travel albeit, now realising, for the day before. Nonetheless, the company had had my money and me not received the service. The employee put me on the side and went on asking for my home address/details etc. which I provided. The employee didn't fill the top part of the form and refused to give me a copy, and he also wanted to keep my return ticket (which I eventually managed to keep) before asking me to continue my journey. I objected as I hadn't even been given a copy of the "Witness Statement MG11". I asked to take a picture of the form which he reluctantly agreed to. I have now received this letter "Notice of intention to prosecute" asking me for my side of the story. I intend to answer asking them first for a copy of this MG11 statement but after ... .. how do I stand with this threatening letter and consequences? Thanks for your help and comments.
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