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  1. Thank you for your reply and advice and yes all 3 credit refrence agency’s have been checked and everything is correct with no debt at any other address. It clearly shows on each report that she’s been living at her current address since 2014 and the electoral register on the reports also confirm this. All very strange
  2. Hello everyone I’m looking to get some help if possible please my partner recently applied to open a new HSBC bank account for the cash incentive via the online system. The account she applied for some reason was declined but then instantly offered a standard basic account instead which she accepted and the card and pin arrived a few days later. The following week another letter arrived in a large envelope again from hsbc this time stating they had now closed the account without warning or notice due to not meeting the banks criteria. Strange but ok fair enough she’s not wanted as a custo
  3. Hello everyone I’ve had a email this afternoon from the ombudsman service to say that brighthouse have now responded to them and I’ve attached the letter he sent me today. I’m a bit concerned though on his response and on exactly what brighthouse have issued him compared to what they sent me in my SAR request. I’m also unhappy that I now have to do all the running around gathering everything he’s requested when brighthouse should have already had this information when they did the affordability checks My complaint is against brighthouse not doing the correct level of checks yet it’
  4. UPDATE Morning everyone I’m just checking in to update you on where I am with brighthouse and the financial ombudsman service My case was finally assigned to a investigator last week and contact was made with myself for more information because he needed proof that I’d complained to brighthouse before the 6 year rule on the 2011 items which brighthouse bluntly refused to look into I issued him my proof along with other items that were included from my SAR request to help my case and I’m so glad to have received a email from the investigator this morning to now confirm that he’
  5. Yes you are correct after further inspection they both look like they are from Lowell’s and she disputed it in December 2017 with the ceo as she didn’t think she had dealings with British Gas but turns out its Sainsbury’s energy who was actually run by British Gas. Yes she still has the emails sent and received from the ceo’s Office he also supplied the 2 bills for the accounts with estimated reads So would you recommend She sends them something with the new address just to make sure they don’t send a claim form to the old address to catch her out with a ccj ?
  6. Just gone through her sent emails and she never told them of the new address only listed the previous address, so British Gas and Lowell must of obtained our new address from the credit reference agency.
  7. Correct she moved from the property in 2014 I think it was and no contact with them since moving until the email she sent them a few months ago
  8. Hello everyone just looking for some advice please if possible my partner found 2 defaults on her credit report in December 2017 both for British Gas one electric and one gas. The amounts in total are £500 she sent a email to the ceo office to dispute the accounts etc, the office replied stating it’s from a previous address under Sainsbury’s energy and was from October 2013 and January 2014 so not statue barred and were apparently estimated reads. She completely forgot to reply back today 2 separate letters arrived to my new address from Lowell stating British Gas had s
  9. Quick update - My claim is now currently awaiting an agent from the ombudsman service to take on my case but after chatting to the ombudsman service via twitter and then on the phone around a month ago the person pushed my claim on and also looked into me cashing the cheque. He came back after around 10mins and stated he personally gives me permission to cash the cheque because brighthouse have paid out in full for their mistakes and that’s not what my claim is for. I’m claiming for the items brighthouse feel they did the correct level of checks on he was also annoyed w
  10. That’s now done and sent off thank you again it’s all been included, just reading this letter it’s absolutely laughable at there excuses I can’t wait for the ombudsman to read it
  11. 100% currently filling in their forms online as we speak can I ask what about the items 3 from May 2011 just outside of the 6 years that they claim it to late can I include these ?
  12. Sorry I’ve just had another read of this and In fact it states at the end they are not upholding my complaint for 5 agreements as they state the correct checks were completed for instance it says against the Acer tablet i issued a single payslip and no expenditure form ? It also states because I had a good payment record that was good enough ? I don’t think so somehow so this is definitely going to the ombudsman service. Dose this mean I can’t cash the cheque then now as I’m disputing the other items ?
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