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  1. Hi, Yes I was served copies of these at the Start of January with the court citation and given 21 days to respond. I see from Toddle2U 's help on other threads stating "acting as a consumer" as the director of a company and not an individual to which Travis Perkins dismissed this by saying it was a business to business agreement. The court citation paper work Form 03 states your the time to pay is allowed under the consumer credit act 1974. Does anyone recommend a good lawyer I could contact to act on my behalf and get closure to this please? DX100UK, should I defend this and re
  2. Sorry my law understanding isn't great. The "writ" as I am calling it is Form 5 "citation where time to pay direction or time order may be applied" accompanied with form 03 "time to pay" and form 07 "intention to defend". Reply date was end of January and i did not reply at all, as advised by my lawyer. He said I had no defence, nor did I want a time to pay. I had offered all I could in final settlement therefor the next move has to be made by travis Perkins in his opinion as they have rejected all my offers and frustratingly not came back with any counter offer
  3. The court paper work is the initial writ pursued by Travis Perkins, the return date has passed to defend or ask for "time to pay order" DX100uk can you let me know what angle you are possibly thinking?
  4. Dear all, I am new to CAG. I came across this site through a Google search "Travis Perkins Personal Guarantee" and have been reading some very useful information, however I fear as these posts were many years ago help may not be possible. Travis Perkins is now calling upon a signed personal guarantee which was signed in 2014. Both I and my partner did not understand what we were signing for (as others confessed secretary completed the form and we signed as normal, thinking our Ltd status would cover us in default). We went into liquidation last year and the current sta
  5. TODDLE2U ; are you still active on this forum and can you assist me with a pernsoal guarantee which has now been called upon from Travis Perkins. A lot of what's been said is similar to my situation. Credit application forms were signed in 2014, and like other we didn't know what we were signing for and a quick signature was given after form completed by office staff. There is no mention to seek independent legal advice on the form, should this be stated clearly?
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