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  1. PS I have now done wjhat I should have done in the first place and walked into Tescos where I bought a 16gb Sandisk SD card. At least with Tesco I am guaranteed that if somthing goes wrong with the thing I simply walk into the branch with my recipt and I either get a refund or a new card no hassle. None of this reading 20 pages of legal small print produced by dodgy fly by night companies like Sweetcow selling even dodgier merchandise. I know this because i previously bought a 10" android tablet which after a fortnight the on off switch failed. I took it back to my local Tesco who gave me a full refund and I was able to buy the one im using to send this message in its place.
  2. I wish I kept the thing as I could have had it checked to see if it was a knock-off being sold as genuine
  3. As I said above I ordered a similar item from another UK mainland supplier who are prepared top treat Northern Ireland as a normal part of the UK. Even if I did know someone who would do that for me I am very annoyed that I should be forced into doing so. If these big name companies want to trade on the internet they should be more obliging to their potential customers.
  4. The item I wanted was a small metal tube. It was very annoying to be snubbed like this when I got as far as attempting to pay for the item. They could at least leave delivery options up to the customer. There are even companies in China with exactly the same delivery policy. I hardly think they exclusively use their own delivery firm.
  5. I bought a 16gb Kingston SD card online for my phone from a company called Sweetcow Ltd. The 1st day I had it in my phone it failed completely. I packed it up and returned it immediately along with a letter explaining why I was returning it. For good measure I began proceedings with Paypal. Well I might as well not have bothered as Sweetcow claimed they never recieved the returned item and kept asking me to returnn it. They ignored all my messages that it had been returned saying I must send it by tracked post. As I no longer had it thart was impossible. The short story was both Sweetcow Kingston and Paypal all let me down as now I have no 16gb SD card I lost my money and none of them give a fig
  6. I went to buy an item from the Wickes website and got as far as being about to pay for it when I discovered because I live in Northern Ireland they refuse point blank to deliver to this part of the UK. I found another mainland based company selling a similar item who do use Royal mail to deliver here. I was very annoyed by their attitude. It means noone in Northern Ireland can buy anything from Wickes by post.
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