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  1. Hi, Thank you for finding the time to reply to my question. I will dig through the information in my folder and post that ASAP. Re the debts I don’t want my family to have to deal with anything On top of all would be to sort out and I was under the impression, mistakenly perhaps, that the family had to pay any outstanding debts? They are all in my name. Thank you
  2. Hi there I am a full time carer for my husband. I have around £5000 in debt (mainly credit card and catalogues) I just receive Carers Allowance myself and provide the food and fuel (in my very old car) with my money. Leaving me less than £5 a week. My debts are currently all paid off at £2 per month which is paid by my family on my behalf. I already have bad credit and will be caring for my husband indefinitely as he has serious health concerns and hasn't been able to work for many years - he is in his mid 50s. Do you think a DRO is the right
  3. I can’t seem to find anything out. Maybe I should just apply for JSA and then apply for contribution based ESA next January?
  4. Thank you, I did ask that but they said no, hoboism is looking inviting
  5. Well I’m even more confused now as the calculator says I’m entitled to income based ESA of 94.85 per week, I was told I have to go onto my husband’s claim (he would need to go from cont based to income based and claim as a couple.
  6. Thank you I will try it again and see what it comes up. Interestingly a lady that used to run the local ESA dept said that people will soon be moved onto JSA instead of ESA if they are able to do even one hour’s work a week (In a specific group) but that it’s not widely known yet. . Hear so much conflicting stuff!!
  7. Hi there, I have recently lost my job as my health has been going downhill for sometime. I am being tested for and it seems likely I have, Chronic Fatigue. The GP has advised that I work one day max per week, I have been to the jobcentre and spoken several times to Benefit Advisors on the phone and they eventually decided I need to apply for ESA cont based, this has been turned down as I was only in my job a year and a half and the years they use to calculate contributions I was off work caring for my Mum. Had I claimed next Jan it would have been different. M
  8. That's great and thanks so much for all the work you do on this site, it is really brilliant, informing people and giving them hope and help. Keep up the good work (I shall be donating) xx
  9. Hi. thanks all for the advice. Well I got through this morning and it is legit. Turns out it's for road tax. I forgot to renew my tax on time (no reminder letter, not tax disc, no memory ) The confusion came because none of the letters stated what the fine was for, not even a vague reference just you have to pay this amount. I told the lady, I hope this doesn't happen to others as you presume it's a [problem] due to lack of details. So I'm now skint for the next six months but very glad to know what it is! Thanks again everyone xxxx:smile:
  10. Hi there. I'm new to the forum and very worried about a letter - the third from these people saying I owe money and now they are going to stop money from my wages. None of these letters have ever said what the money I apparently know is for and I can't think of anything I owe it for. Can anyone please tell me if they think it's legit? I can't seem to paste a pic of it so not sure how to display it
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