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  1. Thank you, so do I follow the instructions and send in the application to the court office with my offer of payment ?
  2. How are you sure? I don't want to insult anyone's intelligence but I've been so upset about this
  3. No this is not council tax, the case number at the top of the letter matches the one that has suddenly appeared on my credit report as a CCJ. It's for an overdraft that I had with LLoyds TSB
  4. I'm based in Manchester, I have no idea what to say to work without showing the letter. I know the phone lines open at 9am tomorrow so I can ring through maybe get help that way?
  5. Thank you so much for replying. It says it's served by the county court bailiff, the overdraft was with LLoyds TSB for £510. If i remember rightly I opened the account in 2010/2011 but I haven't used that bank for around 5 years and the account was closed down. Just to add the overdraft was around £300 from what I can remember so I'm not sure where this amount has come from ?
  6. Hi I am new to this but just wondering if anyone could help. My sister dropped a letter off that was posted in my name to my mums (we rarely see each other). I have opened the letter that was addressed from HM Courts & Tribunals 'notice served by bailiffs' it's from a overdraft with Lloyd TSB from years ago. The letter was dated 5th Jan. I have moved address so I have not been receiving any of the previous letters (if there were any). Attached to the letter that states 'THE ORDER TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO TO AVOID BEING SENT TO PRISON' there is a an attachment of earnings application - it states I need to fill this is and offer a payment and if I don't want my employer to know then tick the box to voluntarily make payments. On the back of this it states I need to take this letter and hand it in to the court office. What do I do?! I have done nothing but cry, I have a 2yrs old that depends on me, I work full time so I am unable to attend CAB - I am too embarrassed to show this letter to work to get the time off. There is a baliffs office number on this letter do I ring this?
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