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  1. Sure, but I think this is in reply to the email I sent them that I posted above. I included a bank statement with a change of address.
  2. Oddly I received an email from the head office saying the following this morning ; Thank you for contacting Xercise4Less. We can confirm that your membership has now been cancelled. Your 30 days’ notice period starts from the date you submitted your cancellation form in line with your terms and conditions. Please do not cancel your direct debit as Xercise4Less will do this for you as part of the cancellation process. We are sad to see you go and hope you have enjoyed your time with us. Regards, Team Xercise4Less. Central Support Team Head Office Xercise4Less Unit 1, Kirkstall Industrial Estate, Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2AZ
  3. After canceling on the website; X4Less Front Desk Burnley sent me: Good Morning David. You will also need to call our Membership Support Team 0113 203 8602 to discuss your payments before your cancellation will be processed for you. Kind Regards ---------------------------------------- Hi David You have now passed the 14 day online cooling off period to cancel your membership. Which means you are now within your contract period. Once you are in the contract period you can only cancel your membership with evidence of; Medical issue, redundancy or relocation. This is all included in the copy of the terms and conditions you would of received when you signed up. What you need to do is go onto xercise4less scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select the option of "cancel my membership". You will then be presented with a cancellation form. The first question it will ask you for is your W number which is W13999852. When it asks you which contract type you are please select "I am within my 12 month contract but I wish to cancel". It will then ask you attach evidence that proves you have relocated.
  4. I received a reply back about my membership cancelation request via email. Hi, I would like to cancel my membership as I have moved to manchester. What documents would you require? Kind regards, -------------------------------------- c.service@harlandsgroup.co.uk Thank you for your email. All membership cancellations are to be processed via Xercise 4 Less, the cancellation of your Direct Debit instruction simply prevents us from collecting payments, it does not cancel your agreement. We advise that in order to cancel your membership you must contact Xercise 4 Less directly, we cannot action any cancellation on your account without receiving confirmation from them to do so. Alternatively you may go onto the website and fill out a cancellation form Please select 'If I no longer want to be a member of X4L how do I cancel my membership?' and fill out the cancellation form. We trust for you to find this in order. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : () Quote Reference : Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely, Courtney Rowlands Harlands
  5. Sent today signed for - Here is the proof of postage. I hope I picked the correct location for the head office.
  6. Can't you talk to your bank and ask them to refund you, surely you can't expect to pay for something you haven't received?
  7. Should I include a membership termination letter to the leads head office also?
  8. I'll get this sent first thing tomorrow morning! Thanks for the help!
  9. I just sent the manager an email CC'in Harland's email below it. I suspect I will need to post a letter of the following to the gym address also? To: general.manager.burnley(at)xercise4less Dear sir or madam, I am disgusted with this charge not even spending 15days at the gym. I hereby give notice to cancel my gym membership at Burnley Xercise 4 Less gym with immediate effect. I have changed my address and no longer a resident in Burnley, I now reside in manchester. Please can you confirm receipt of this email. Yours faithfully. David
  10. Hi Slick, The 9.99 bounced yesterday, the DD is still active. I now have funds in my account. The address is registered to Burnley yes. Received this email this morning. I phoned the helpline to try get them to waver the fees but she just said if you cancel your DD you will be passed to collection. Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your agreement with Xercise 4 Less. Your bank have advised us that your February instalment has been returned unpaid "refer to payer" as there were insufficient funds in the account to pay the amount due. We will therefore debit your account on 10 FEB 17 for the total amount of £34.99 made up as follows: Instalment Amount £9.99 Administration Fee £25.00 Total Due £34.99
  11. Hi Slick132, Thank you for your quick response. If I was to not pay the admin fee and want to leave the gym, I couldn't use the change of address because they would send debt collection letters to that address? Having read other threads I wouldn't normally pay the fee, but I don't see a way out of it if I want to cancel my membership.
  12. Hi, I have read allot of threads and can see how bad this company is. I signed up to the Xercise 4 Less Burnley gym online 14/01/17 I didn't have any money in my bank on the 28th as i get paid last working day of the month (2 days short) "Your first payment will be collected on or just after 28 January 2017 for an amount of £9.99 which consists of a joining fee of £0.00 and the first monthly payment of £9.99." I accept that I will have to pay the £25 admin charge + £9.99 even if I haven't even been at the gym 1 month yet! With this type of gym and now seeing what they are like I want out of the contract even if its £9.99 I have moved locations and live with my partner in manchester and go home the odd weekend (was going to use that gym when I was at home). Could I get out of the membership? the fact is that if I change my address via my bank and sent it in, that will be final, membership closed? I don't want debt collector letters coming to my partners address you see.
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