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  1. All thank you for your responses as this helps I am now concerned I will struggle for benefits in the future if made redundant. Either way thank you for your help Regards
  2. Thanks for reply, sorry as I am a novice but what is Ill Health Retirement? I appreciate the title suggests what it is but how would this work? Also would it work out financially better for me taking this route rather than redundancy? Thank you in advance
  3. Ok many thanks, I assume I do nothng for now then
  4. Hi I have got a Final Salary Pension with my current employer which I have had since when I started back in September 2001 I am currently ill off work where I have been since Feb 2012 After long discussions with my employer they have kindly offered me the chance of voluntary redudancy/compromise agreement instead of Dismissal, this will happen Feb 2013 May I ask what will happen with my pension? Or what should I do? Just to note I wont be returning to work in the near future due to my illness Any help would be much appreciated
  5. No problem, please feel free to remove all of my posts that have been given on this thread today. Apologies in advance for my sarcastic replies. Webbo
  6. Thank you HB. I do not wish to be non civil in my comments. I use the forum for advice. I can appreciate other members may be frustrated by what they read and they are certainly entitled to their own assumptions, thoughts and opinions. There are just times you don't need kicking whilst your down. Thanks
  7. Yes I think you are correct. Many thanks for the help and and advice given.
  8. Ok thankyou I guess a grievance is not what's needed. To be honest I am unsure what is. Based on one of the earlier replies grievance was mentioned so I thought I would follow it up In all honesty my employer has been more than fair. Yes they have been paying me each month infull and as you say I have been off work for some time I just let August 8th when they came to see me play on my mind as they said my current health is all in my head implying there is nothing wrong with me and that I must return to work by the end of August. It has just stuck with me since that's all. For those that are unknown to Bipolar Disorder I guess people will make their own assumptions. However being 31 and working ever since I was 16 I honestly don't like being like this. One day I feel great and others I cant even motivate myself to wash. After being with my current employer 11 years I assume that I will receive 11 weeks notice and my holidays if and when they decide to terminate my contract. I don't expect to be entitled too anything else but have I missed anything? I also have a final salary pension in which I need to sort, well I think I just want to add thanks to all those who have replied so far to helping me out
  9. I wish to place a Grievance on my employer. I have been off work ill since Feb 29th this year. I have been with my company 11 years now. On August 8th my HR Manager and Boss came to see me and insisted I would be dismissed with no entitlements by August 31st if I hadn't returned to work by that date also. I have made numerous contact regarding my wages and holidays etc and never a reply. I have now just received a letter saying if I am not back by Jan 2nd 2013 they will dismiss me. I understand they can do this but I am tired of feeling threatend. Also they demand to see me but after the humiliation I had weds aug 8th I dont want too, I feel scared. I got diagnosed with Bipolar last week. I no perhaps it seems like nothing but topped with severe anxiety problems am struggling. Can I put in a grievance? If so how?
  10. It was just a letter for me to follow some basic steps. My employer stated that they want me to return back to work by the 2nd Jan or they will start termination proceedings I last met with them face to face August the 8th. That day they told me if I dont go back to work by end of August they would dismiss me. From Aug 8th until mid september I had many sleepless nights with worrying. Yet nothing happened I have wrote numerous letters explaining my intentions are to get better and return to work. However based on the face to face meeting in August I feel so worried its untrue. Dismissal and a months gesture pay they told me at the time The letter I received today states 2nd Jan if no return they will start proceedings to dismiss I personally feel my treatment to getting better starts now. This week I have been diagnosed and prescribed the correct medication. Although I am unsure what time we are talking I don't know what to do or say to my employer I am unsure how to put a grievance in? My girlfriend told me to do this back in August as she was present when they came out and she was disgusted in the way they treated me. I am so mixed up now and worried to death
  11. I am on Full Pay. Paid monthly 15th each month. So whilst I have been il I have had Feb, Mar, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct and Nov. I also have had no notification of change in pay so I assume I will receive Dec too.
  12. Ok well I guess my xmas present this year is termination
  13. Today in the letter I received from my employer they asked if they could get a report etc. I said sure Regarding going back to work I am unsure. I don't feel right but am now feeling I must go back to ensure I have a job
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