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  1. thanks , tried to remove attachment realised what i had forgot to do !
  2. Hi The Solicitor letter says will Creditors Nat West Bus Baker Tilly £69.38 Nat West Baker Tilly £7.75 Opus Caboot £6.41 Santander Santander £9.27 Comet Nco Resolve £3.03 Tesco Bus AIC £14.50 B.O.S AKINIKA £4.43 EGG Robinson Way £6.19 Blcak Horse Cabot Financial £22.38 Santander Cards Moorcroft £4.75 Nat West Apex £2.82 Debenhams Moorcroft £1.67 HSBC NCO Resolve £3.20 HSBC Moorcroft £32.49 Nat West Wescot £8.29 At the time i had no choice but to use Moorhead as none of the free DM Companies would help as it was a mixture of Business and Personal Debt . some of the accounts will be pre 2007 . Have had no trouble dealing with any other bar Baker Tilly , but i was told about them .
  3. Hi i started a DMP with Moorhead Savage in @ 2011 things where fine until 2016 when they stopped managing plans , took on running my plan myself . In August last year i received a letter off Regal Credit ltd informing me they were ceasing trading and the debt was been returned back to BMI . In November i received a letter to contact them , which i did offering to continoue with the same payments . which they refused , i contacted them again saying i cant increase my offer as all my Creditors are paid Pro-Rata and it would be unfair . i then got a statement a month later wanting double . On the 30/12/16 letter from Style Credit dated 28/12/16 wanting contact immediately or legal action , i replied on the 03/01/17 which they received on the 05/01/17 ( recorded ) On the 20/01/17 i received a letter dated 16/01/17 which states since ive failed to contact them they will started legal action , i had till the 23/01/17 now the 21 / 22 was the weekend . i replied the same day and wrote to the address on the top of the page and also the registered offic on the bottom of letter , they received both letters on the 23/01/17 signed for by the same person . On the 26/01/17 i received a letter from HLW Keeble Hawson saying i failed to make a payment despite repeated requests and if they dont receive full payment within seven days they are starting a claim in the County Court , i have wrote to them too with a offer of payment and list of creditors . im not sure if the account has been Defaulted or not as all paper work went to Moorhead Savage , on the staetments BMI added inetrest which had been stopped . No payments have been missed to any Creditor , im dealing with 19 in total this seams like a rail road job any comment or ideas ! Thanks
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