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  1. I've had confirmation the claim has been withdrawn. But now this gives me time to look into legalities of what they did. After speaking to a solicitor. The N1 claim form was served to my employers address to be forwarded to me. Unsure whether they took the correct actions to be allowed to this. And when contacting the court directly. They had different details of my address on their system compared to what is stated on my form. It turned out certain details differed on the form I received to the form the court had.
  2. The Total amount on the claim form included a claim amount and also a court fee. I paid everything listed on the claim form in full. The Total Amount. The £150 and £50 figures where mentioned after I paid the total amount in a phone call at the same time they started talking about wanting the interest. The £150 and £50 were not in the claim form
  3. Yes the creditor and ex partner is the same person The ex partner is the claimant, sorry I used creditor but I meant the claimant. The car loan finished years ago. This is the claimant saying I should have paid half the car. So that's what the claim was for.
  4. Yep I think they are trying it on with me now. I'm lucky I'm in a position to pay the settlement in full. But it's a principle thing now. I don't want to ripped off with an interest claim if I don't have to pay it. Like I said in previous posts. I don't dispute the origional claim. That's why I paid it. But I guess this is what happens from a bad and complicated break up. For people reading this post I'd suggest getting something I'm writing when it comes to a big purchase and new realtionships with someone.
  5. I have a stamped form 'stamped from County Court'. This was the only form I had. The one I have settled the claim in full and have been told is being terminated. All other correspondence from the claimant after this about interest is via Email and phone calls. No official paperwork. I can't name claimant as it is an Indivual and a civil (friend) claim and not s business or company
  6. Thanks for that information. Much appreciated. if they did choose to issue a new claim for the interest would they have to go through the whole procedure of writing to me stating the claimed amount before applying for an N1 court claim. Or can they just make a new money claim tomorrow. As they have given me until the next few days to make a payment to them. (Verbally and not in writing) I'm just thinking if I have enough time to get a solicitor to help with my case Also. As they put on the particulars of the claim for interest to be determined, If the court agreed to it, would they have included it in the Total Amount. The email I received from the claimant said the court agree and stamped the form to include interest paid on the amount claimed. They seem to think that the interest would have been added at a later date by the court as a further cost to the total amount
  7. The claim is from 5 years 11 months ago. the interest they have said in an email is approaching £4K that includes what the say additional court cost of £100 and expenses of £50 for which they have proof for. I have no problem in paying the £150. They have made an offer I pay half the interest out of court. But If there is a pretty good possibility I could have courts rule in my favour for the interest charges I will go to court with it. It's all a gamble I guess
  8. Ok so the fact they can start a new claim for interest only, it seems the cheapest option for me would to agree on a lower figure out between us both
  9. Whether it makes a difference or not I don't know. But this claim is from an indivual , not a company of business. I just wanted the whole matter finished so I opted to pay full settlement and move on.
  10. With regard to the original claim (the only claim form I have received). I paid the 'total amount' in full to the claimant directly. I didn't fill in any forms from The response pack as it was not required to. It didn't go to a hearing or to a judge. Was dealt with well beyond getting to that stage. I have in writing, from the claimant that they have received the full payment and that they have informed the court that all procedings with that claim are to terminated and no further action will be taken by them regarding that specific claim. The subject of interest came up after this. They havnt started a new claim yet for the interest. Instead they want me to make a payment direct or they will start another court claim.
  11. Additionally. They said that have worked out the interest using the 8% daily rate as per S69 statuatory interest. But this was not mentioned on the claim form. This was only mentioned in an email to me after I had paid the Total Amount in full. So the new claim they say they will pursue will be for interest only using Section 69. Like I say. There is no outstoudning amount owed to them from the original claim. It was paid in full immediately without any further court involvement
  12. Thanks. The mention of interest on the claim form is written as this, "plus interest and proven costs to be added subject to settlement. Amounts to be determined" The total amount included the claimed amount plus a court fee but not interest. The total amount is settled with them and they are ending the claim with the court for that particular claim. I havnt paid any interest on that claim But now they are saying they will start a brand new claim for interest only if I don't come to an agreement to pay the interest out of court as a smaller cost. . So, can they now start a new claim to claim the interest only on a settled debt?
  13. Yes it had a response pack and brown A4 envelope. Has an old address on the form and eventually ended up with me so may have been forwarded
  14. It has a court stamp on it and a claim number. It was sent recorded delivery so it has to be genuine. If it isn't I will start a claim myself to recover the money. The revision of the form is 2016
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