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  1. But why would Santander write after i wrote to first national motors? Sorry but should again write to london general holding ltd
  2. Shall i send them this , i have provided you with all the necessary legal paperwork and evidence demonstrating that i did have dealing ith you. so please process my claim. it is clear from the FOS information and their website 'case studies' that there is no rquirement for me to be on your records system at all as this is outside of your 6yrs requirement to hold my data. if i do not hear favourably from you within 14days i will escalate my claim through the FOS or court as i deem fit without further comminication.
  3. Just an update . I sent the SAR to the motor company and then i received a letter from Santander. Obviously Santander have taken over first national motors plc. They acknowledged the letter . After about weeks later i received a letter from Santander saying that the Data protection act prohibits firms from retaining personal data from longer than it is necessary. They go on to say " The Companies act requires firms to hold records for six years from date of account closures. Accodingly we operate a policy whereby data is destroyed or deleted six years after our customer accounts are closed. We are unable to retreive any records of your agreement and we believe the account was closed more than six years ago. Further they state that as a consequence the records have been cleared in accordance with our policy and therfore have no record with which to investigate the claim . They go on to further say about the limitation act and its time barred. If not satisfied with the response they have said i write to the finance and leasing association. they state that i can approach the ombudsman but they will not do anything or waiving the time limit asits time barred ". They have sent me 13 pages of abbrevation pages of terms with it . I do not understand why i need this when i asked for all information they hold . I am disspointed that they have not sent me all the information they hold and do not know where i go from here . Any advise please will be greatly appreciated.
  4. thank you . Do I send the policy number or any info I have about the creditor with the SAR e.g their Policy number on letterhead , details of product and any letters of the creditor I may have or do I send the SAR with no details of why I'm requesting info.
  5. in know just a bit worried that they might start to say they do not keep records after 6 years tactic .
  6. Thanks I was wondering would be best writing them first of swhat info I got as I got policy number and their letter or like you said is it SAR time to get all accounts ??
  7. Sorry yes its fos and I just found out that first national motors exist under a different address . I need to send them a letter now . Is there a template letter I can send . Also I have contacted the FOS and they said they must be in compliance as they are regulated by the ombudsman service . FIRST NATIONAL MOTOR PLC is a Public Limited Company registered in United Kingdom with the Company Registration Number (CRN): 02248924. FIRST NATIONAL MOTOR PLC registered office address is 86 Station Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1PQ, UK. The company current status is Active. What letter should I send please Just wondering since I have not got much info on the Loan apart from address and agreement number do I send the SAR to them first to provide me with all information .
  8. Bluestone . How would i know this please ? I thought it was Sandander but not sure
  9. I just need some advice and help in what to do to trace this miss sold PPI in 2001. I bought a car from Northampton Car Shop end of 2001. I have some record of paperwork with an agreement number. I was paying First National Motors PLC a direct debit – their letterhead states First National Motor PLC is an Abbey National Group Company. Abbey National Group Company rebranded itself as ABBEY and then it was taken over by Santander UK plc. I bought the car for £6000 and ended up paying just over £8500 with added PPI. Every month I paid a direct debit via my bank to First National motors PLC via the third party agreement (The Car Shop). The Payments with PPI added was so high and I was struggling to make monthly payment I ended up getting a further loan from my Halifax bank to pay the car off. I paid the total amount off in 2004 with interest and PPI. What I have done so far: 1. I contacted the car shop complaints department and they said they are not responsible even though they sold the car and they have no records that way back and i needed to contact First National Motors PLC who I made payments to which was then First National Motors PLC. 2. I could not contact first national motors as they were taken over by Santander in 2004. 3. I then wrote to Santander and they wrote back to me stating they are not responsible and I should contact who ever sold the PPI (Third Party car shop) and this was their final response. 4. I then wrote to the FSA who was as much help as a chocolate tea pot and spent nearly two years trying to find out details with nothing. I do not know what investigations they made as they wrote back they could not find who is responsible. I am still confused who is the person I need to be contacting to get my money back. It seems to me everyone is fobbing me off so that I would disappear. Who do I send a SAR or CCA to please ? OR do re-open the case with FSA all again .
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