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  1. Hi BankFodder, I gave Chris my car some years ago to restore. Progress was claimed to be being made but having collected my car last week zero progress has been made. Unfortunately money was paid on good faith that work was progressing. I have sent Chris a letter today requesting full refund of monies paid given that no work was done. I have requested a response within two works or I shall seek to recover the costs through the courts, as well as reporting this fraudulent activity to the police. I shall also be informing the relevant trading standards department in t
  2. Hi, Yes, any progress? I think Cheshire Cat, yourself, and I have a similar and sad story to tell. Thank you,
  3. Hi Cheshire Cat, Chris is increasingly difficult to get hold of. I dropped into the garage a couple of weeks ago and agreed collection of my car. I turned up on Friday with a hired trailer, as arranged, and unsurprisingly he wasn't there. A couple of the lads that he subcontracts space to were around and they helped me to load my car. Happy it is now back in my possession. If your car isn't in the little yard at the garage, he hires space from a caravan storage yard just down the road. From the garage turn right down to the mini roundabout. Turn right (second exit) then first left. T
  4. Suggest you look for the business on Companies House? May give you an address of the Director. Good luck!
  5. Hi, Did anyone get any further with this? I seem to be having similar issues with this company. My car has been with them for a long time now and doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with increasingly unlikely tales of woe from Chris. It'd be interesting to know if those tales are consistent across different people. Thanks PS
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