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  1. Hello, I have received a fine for being in a box junction in hackney. The car two in front changed his mind about moving forward and let a bus out which left me stranded. From this error, I have received a PCN for 130£. Is there anything I can do? Any help appreciated I have tried to upload the letter but failed miserably....
  2. Hell helps, I parked in a retail centre in a disabled bay. I'm a disabled driver with a blue badge registered to me and my car. I received a letter from UKCPS saying I was parked in a disabled bay without a badge and demanding £100. I replied with my blue badge and advising that I am not paying the fine. They rejected my appeal and keep sending letters. Any help and guidance appreciated.
  3. Hello and thanks in advance, I'm a member of david lloyd gym and have been for just short of 12 years. As DL seems to be the only gym in the country which the monthly subscriptions seems to be raising (started off £76 and now stand me at £112) I have decided to part company. My question is that they are trying to say in order for me to cancel that i have to give three months notice. I have checked the contract and it does state this. This does seem excessive though? is there anyway that I can get out of this?
  4. It all depends on their plans? If the debt goes to court and you get summonsed (or ordered to pay) and don't then an arrest warrant can be issued for ignoring a court order. Some countries have an agreement with the UK to enforce orders such as CCJs so I would check. Just know what the ramifications are before you ignore
  5. You could look at trying to put in for some kind of statuary declaration through the courts. You could appeal to say this is the first you have heard of the debt collection and sometimes the will take it back to the first stage. Your only issue is that you are more than aware of the credit that you have obtained. Saying that debt collection companies aren't Interpol if you plan on not coming back then you should be ok
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