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  1. Thanks for the feedback, spreadsheets checked sorry nobody else noticed but it is clear that the card balance does not change following a refund. it remains as before and as posted you can choose to give back your refund to be where you should be or pay it at a high interest rate over time. your £500 original payment not going to your card has racked up £600 extra of interest on your card account. That remains on your balance after any refund in any shape or form. So your £600 refund is paid back one way or another, its in your name on your balance £600 extr
  2. Erm no PPI interest is at 8% . However As described the balance of your card in unaffected by the refund. You do not have PPI interest removed at all. It does not put you back as you still have a higher balance then if no PPI in my case £1100 higher, read again, it is your choice on refund how you pay £1500 off, use the £1100 refund but in real terms your original £500 would of done that but now they want £1100 to pay it again. It is your debt and no 8% rate on a credit card it is a clever sting operation.
  3. How many folk have the credit card companies done this to, I am in talks with FCA to highlight this wheeze.
  4. How the Great PPI [problem] works A is put on a PPI plan without his knowledge. Over 5 years he pays £500 in premiums Interest on his credit card raises this to £1100. A applies for a refund his card is £1100 more than it should be. The firm pays him £1100 as they admit the error. A can pay the £1100 to get his account right or Leave it at £1100 more on a high rate. If A pays £1100 he is paying £600 more than if no PPI. If he pays nothing his account is £1100 more. The banks £600 interest is kept on the balance, despite it being caused by PPI it should n
  5. Hi Reclaimed PPI from Barclaycard never asked for it or knew of it, in a nutshell card balance was £1500 without PPI should have been £400, received a payout of £1100 on my £495 paid to PPI. However this payout was for the interest of around £1100 that should never had accrued but for PPI. money I had to pay extra, so got this back all is well. However my card balance stays at £1500 so they can snatch it all straight back and in effect I am duty bound to pay it all again at a high rate of interest. With this redress principle are the Banks actually paying anything back at a
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