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  1. Just had a mostly pointless call with Reston's solicitors where they said that they wouldn't be looking to set aside the judgement because they have acted on the last known address. They said they then received mail back from that address so they tried contacting me at my alternative address which is the one I actually live at. Should I bother writing them an email/letter or go directly to the court?
  2. I have left some of the street names on to show that they were aware I had moved. I didn't live at either of those addresses when they registered the CCJ against me but Restons did know my address.
  3. I have put my SAR on google docs but it won't let me post a link on here because i haven't posted enough I don't live at any of the address on here however respond have contacted me at my current address before the date the CCJ was registered against me at Cypress way (my original address) I then moved to Woodland Road (where they sent me letters and visited me as documented in the SAR)
  4. Hi, I have my SAR back and I can't really figure out whats going on with it. Shall i upload it and do you recommend I redact my personal details from it? There are letters that were sent to other addresses that I have lived at but the CCJ was registered against the original CCJ.
  5. I am having a pretty good time at the minute paying off old debts and I feel really good about some advice I received on here yesterday about my car finance. I was going to make an offer to Shoosmiths about an outstanding mortgage shortfall (£5097.28)but thought I best run the situation by all of you. When I was in financial difficulty back in 2013 it was exasperated by a fallout I had with somebody I bought a house with in 2005. They hadn't been paying towards the mortgage for the previous 5 years and I was covering the cost it by myself. When I had other financial pressures I couldn't afford to pay the mortgage on the house alone and in agreement with the friend I bought it with we spoke to Dudley BS and told them we wanted to hand the keys back. We signed some kind of paperwork that they sent us and returned it to them with the keys. (my memory is a little hazy on this but I thing they made us go into 3 months arrears before they allowed us to do this but I'm not sure). Shoosmiths got in touch last year to say that I could make them an offer to settle my liability with them and I was going to make them an offer this week. I read on here though that it is unusual for them to release somebody from their liability. I was going to send them a letter to request a breakdown of the amount however I wasn't sure if a SAR would be better? Or even making them a F & F as planned? As before any help would be very well apreciated.
  6. This may seem like a stupid question but can I hand deliver a SAR? If so can I pay the £10 in cash?
  7. I will get the SAR sent out today! Did you see my comment about arrows registering the default to my address 2? Which is where I was visited and does any of this matter that I don't live at address 2 anymore? Regards Michael
  8. Hi Dx100, Thank you for your quick response. Reston's client is a company called Arrows. I haven't got any paperwork relating to the CCJ other than a letter from Restons telling me about it and me checking my Experian report for it. I haven't got any written proof that I informed them that I moved from address 2 however I had meetings with an account manager at my home (address 2) and thats where they collected the car. (can I do a request for information from them for the details?) When you say defence do you mean a defence as to why I don't owe the money? I'm not sure if I have one? At first I was under the impression that once you are half way through your HP agreement you can hand the keys back and that would be okay but I think the debt relates to the 3 payments I missed plus fees. I was 30 months into a 60 month agreement. "and written PROOF you informed BH that you had moved out of address 1 that thus would have been provided to the debt buyer that get the CCJ?" I have a default on address 2 from Arrows on my credit file if that makes a difference?
  9. I have recently embarked on a mission to clear the debt I ran up when I ran into financial difficulties in 2013. I was struggling in my job at the time and had trouble keeping up with my bills and ended up losing my house and car. I have since recovered and now in a position where I can clear all of outstanding debts. One of the debts that I hadn't got around to yet was around £1500 to Black Horse for the finance on my car. I missed three months payments of £407 and ended up giving them the keys back in December 2013. When I took the agreement out I lived at address 1 and then moved (informed them of the address change) and when they collected the car they collected from address no.2. I now live at a different address over the last 12 months have received numerous letters from Reston's solicitors in relation to the debt. The last letter I received from them was to inform me that I have successfully registered a CCJ against my name and against address no.1. Even though they know I have since moved from address 1 to address 2 where they collected the car and then to address 3 where they have sent me letters. If I had received the paperwork though about the CCJ I would have paid it in full because all of my other CCJs are satisfied and for the last 3 years I haven't missed a payment on any accounts I have and wouldn't want to reset the 6 years of being screwed on a mortgage clock. Is there anyway of me getting this judgement set aside if I have to pay in full? the downside is that I can't find any of the letters they sent me previously, I do have the letter that they sent to my current address to inform me after the CCJ was granted dated 5 weeks from the CCJ date) If I can't get it set aside what action should I take to look into making sure the 1500 is an accurate figure? any help/advice/guidance would be really appreciated
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