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  1. This is a bit drawn out but please read it all as I need some response to what you think. i have taken advice from payplan and finally managed to agree to an amount to pay monthly to the Sheriffs office. I have paid first instalment then got in touch with solicitor as the fees were £4,000 . I had a knock on the door to hnd deliver a letter to tell us about the writ and apart from lots of threats no one came to my house. I asked for a breakdown of fees which didn't arrive until a solicitor got involved. Today out of the blue had a phone call off the creditor to ask if we wanted to pay him direct ? The break down is as follows Compliance stage fee£75 First enforcement fee £800 Second enforcement fee £495 Sale or disposal stage fee £1,234 I just think it's odd the creditor would get in touch today when the solicitor rung the sheriffs office yesterday Any thoughts?
  2. Evening all, just got in and my head is in a spin. I have already messaged to say it was on in court last year at Liverpool which is miles and miles away from me. There was no hearing so it went to default. The letters that were sent were at a time my husband was working away so there was only me at home. I'm struggling to understand it all, my head is going around and around. Firstly what happens when a ccj goes to default? Secondly I know we should have had letters but we didn't.....where are they? Thirdly it was passed onto money claims contact centre how did the sheriffs office get it?
  3. Thank you so much. Just realise we need to get this sorted as the charges are horrendous and we are paying interest every day on the debt.
  4. Hello, been to local court this morning. It went to court on the 17.3.16 . There was no hearing and it went to default because they hadn't heard from us( we hadn't had any correspondence) it's now with moneyclaims contact centre. Help what does this mean????
  5. Thank you for your answer. Intimidation was their main focus and although they threatened the team, (twice) come into our home and take things and keep coming back they never called! My husband is going to court today to see if and when on. You guys on here have been so amazing. I will get back to you later with an update.
  6. Just been on the CAB page and found a letter of enforcement example. Ours looked nothing like this. It didn't give us a breakdown . It didn't give us a case number . IT DIDNT GIVE US A CHANCE. Did you get my pm Did you get my PM?
  7. No the payment plan is hooked up to a company . The company as a web page and by the look of it quite famous! I'm scared to put the company on here and I'm not allowed to private message until I've had 30 posts. Sorry my 'h' is playing up on my pc. Has
  8. Can a person pay a bailiff to come to your house if it haven't been in court? I realise that we should have asked for the breakdown ,which I intend to do when first payment is made as I'm scared to rock any boats! The reason why my husband hasn't asked is because every time he rang the man on the other end would say 'I know you are vulnerable but I'm not listening' ' I'll take your stuff and come back for more ' 'my team can be there in minutes and your furniture and car will be gone' It's fair to say we were bloody petrified... ..just to get him off our back was a relief. If I have to say one thing about him he does his job well as he scared the living daylights out of us and even now at the thought I cry.. ..I know it sounds pathetic but I consider myself quite a strong character but this as broke me.
  9. I'm scared to name the company,but I can private message . There's no ccj on credit file but going down to local court tomorrow with letter to see if and when it was on.
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