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  1. Many thanks for replies so far. Our deeds show that we own the road but that the property has right to access and egress. What I don't know is if this gives them the right to drive over our parking if they remove their boundary wall, or if it's just via their original entrance. With regards to the turning point I don't know how to enforce it if the new owners decide to ignore it. I presume the council would prosecute them for non-compliance or at least issue parking tickets.... but would they?
  2. There are two points to my query, I will try to be both accurate and to the point. Our property that we purchased 10 years ago is at the end of a private road. We own 80% of the turning point and one side of the road which is outside a house that has just been sold 'subject to contract'. Our other immediate neighbour owns the other side of the road outside their own house. We have had words with the neighbour who is selling when we moved in as they would park on our private bit of road. We use our piece of road to park two of our vehicles, and we bought the
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