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  1. How long have you actually been working those hours each week. In weeks, without them dropping it. How long have you been working them if the average hours are over your contract.


    regarding holiday pay, it goes on contract hours, not hours worked.


    I have worked above my contracted hours since i started in august, my hours fluctuate each week but have worked above 22 hours for around 3 months, hope this answers your question


    Regarding holiday pay, i read on here that they should use the average hours worked 12 weeks prior to the holiday?

  2. Hi,

    Recently stubbled onto the site and wondered if anyone could help me.


    I currently work at a supermarket and have done since August 2016,

    I started on a 12 hour contract over three days (per week) but have never actually worked only 12 hours.


    I am consistently working above and beyond these hours ranging from about 24 to something 38 and occasionally entering overtime at above 39 hours per week.


    This is great, an I am not complaining

    but I am wondering there were grounds on which I can ask for my contact to be raised

    so I will be guaranteed more that 12 hours pay per week.


    Does anybody know if there law or legislation that I could use to back my case when i eventually ask for my contacted hours to be raised?


    I have read a discussion on here refereeing to holiday pay in a similar situation..

    .as I have a weeks holiday booked will i be paid my 12 hours or the average of the last 12 weeks work hours?

    If I am entitled to the latter if I only get paid the basic 12 hours can i appeal this somehow?


    Thanks in advance, any information anybody has would be of great helps


    Thanks a lot


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