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  1. OK. So at what point do I need to put up a defence?
  2. So safe to ignore this as well, or do I need to respond to them?
  3. So, since my last post we received another letter from ZZPSS and now a letter from a firm of solicitors called Wright Hassell. If ever there was a prize for nominative determinism, they would win surely! We have 10 days to get in touch before they take this further... IMG_6185-2.pdf
  4. EricsB - Sorry, but I haven't touched the pictures I uploaded. But I appreciate your advice. If they send me anything else I'll post up here.
  5. Sorry - still confused. So the sign on the parking machine that states 'Vehicles overstaying paid parking time are liable to a penalty charge of £60' doesn't mean that? I would like to understand the nuance of what you say so that I understand what my grounds for appeal are. Should it actually state that the driver/keeper is liable, not the vehicle? How can a vehicle be liable, right?
  6. EricsB - I am confused by your reply. The machine does state that if you overstay then you will be liable for a charge of £60. Received this today. Is it still worth pursuing an appeal with One Parking Solutions or has that option been lost? zzps.pdf
  7. Not much signage on the machine, but plenty of identical signs smattered around the walls. Signs.pdf
  8. Thanks EB. I'll try to get to the car park to take pictures ASAP.
  9. Evening all. I wasn't the driver in this case and I only became aware that a PCN had been issued and Notice to Keeper had been received about two days before the 28 day deadline to pay. I have uploaded the PCN and the NTK (2 pages). I would appreciate advice on what to do next, particularly whether the NTK is valid (see howler on page 1, third paragraph!). All pages have been redacted - please let me know if I have redacted too much! I haven't contacted One Parking Solution yet. 1 The date of infringement? 01 Nov 2016 2 Did you appeal to the parking company? No If yes, has there been any response? If no, have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) Yes Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? Yes 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) No 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] N/A 5 Who is the parking company? One Parking Solution Ltd Thanks, Bon NTK1 redacted.pdf PCN redacted.pdf
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