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  1. Thank you very very much. I have so many to send out I will be very busy. This site is excellent but it really blow my mind what has happened. I have had Ppi back from Barclays house of Fraser. M&S said I didn't have any but feel I need to send I sar to them now, thank you for your help so far Very kind
  2. I'm really sorry but I need some help I can not find a sar letter to copy. could anyone direct me to the right place Thank you
  3. Hi it was midlands finance which were in rugeley It's just that I thought they would have been the broker. This is the reason for my confusion as it show I paid them and I have read the brokers would sell the customer the insurance. i also paid ocwen and this is what I don't understand ocwen loan me the money Why would I have to paid them, thank you for getting back
  4. I really hope very much that I want wasting anyone's time I'm sorry if I have in any form It's just that I have read post on here and everyone is very helpful. It's not that I won't post at all what I have it's just I don't have I don't no how to. Sorry if I've not made my self clear it hard to do that writing on a forum I'm better speaking to people's Face. This is not normal for me. I new here although I have been reading and I've been amazed how many people help eachother. The only reason I've asked is because I really wanted to understand this loan who done what. But thank you and I'm sorry if I have not been helpful. I really didn't want my first post to go wrong as I wanted to get as much help as I could But thank you for your time
  5. Hi now I must be very thick and I still don't understand midland finance I read were my brokers the people that got me the loan. Ocwen was my lender. Who were on my mortgage deeds . I know I can't get the Ppi back as that company have now gone. I thought that ocwen Become I group and then ge money. Why is my broker on my deeds I have never been more confused. It is really confusing sadly
  6. If I put my agreement up ge money could read couldn't they. I don't want them to no who I am or do I ? Now really confused ocwen (who is now ge money) were the brokers who is midland finance? They took £2600 and ocwen took £2900 plus another £250. I have statements and mortgage deeds with the turms on the back Really hoped I could understand but I really confused now. So ocwen were the broker and also loaned the money and sold me the Ppi Who is mildland finance? What did they do ? Thanks for help
  7. im sorry to come a crossed silly. by sending a sar and getting info what would I be looking for. I have the paper work and the amount but I just don't understand why I paid ocwen twice. Does this loan agreement look normal. To very very truthful I found this loan paper work a couple of months ago and I really can not get my head around it. I would like very much to understand. I do understood that ge money was ocwen. What I don't understand is ocwen loaned the money And took a large amount out of it for Ppi. Which we could never have claimed on anyway. And like a lot of people I no that. I no one hundred per cent we were missold it. I just wish I understood the way it works on this agreement. And why the insurance isn't company isn't showing on the brake down. Thank you if you could help me understand I'm very happy to send a donation to the site I will post tomorrow. As I have learnt quite a lot by just reading. I will post to the office if that's ok. Please can I have the address I will put my forum name in the envelope so you no it's me Thank you
  8. Headed is Ocwen U.K ltd Watford Lender ocwen ltd Loan amount ££££ The Loan paid Ucb home loan corp ££££ Bernard Ellison & sandler ££££ Midland finance ££££ Ocwen finance services- credit insurance ££££ Ocwen ltd ££££ Telegraph transfer fee £££ I don't see the name of the insurer should I ? Thank you
  9. Hi thank you for your replying. I don't no I haven't got it on the paper work. It just say I paid ocwen As it doesn't say on the loan agreement and I was wondering should it say who it is. Yes I have read on here about ge money. I don't hold out any hope Thank you
  10. I'd really be very grateful of help to me understand. I make a complaint to ge money regarding Ppi And I understand I can't claim back Any Ppi as it was to long ago and the people that sold the Ppi to me are not trading anymore I have the brake down of the loan But the company they referred to isn't mentioned on the this form What I'd like to no is would they be? The loan was with ocwen and ocwen gave me the money and out of that money I paid ocwen the money for the Ppi There is also a broker fee It was a secure loan. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me understand Thank you
  11. I'm am new here but have been reading post for a while. I must admit I am struggling to understand I have been in touch with I group not a good exsperiance at all. I have my loan agreement and what I paid out of the loan It is very confusing my question is who could I go to for advise I was told I could not use the ombudsman Thank you in advance for any help
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