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  1. Thanks matey, signed up to experian and just waiting for them to do their checks.
  2. Thanks for the additional info. I sent the VT off and the car was collected on 15th March. I've since cancelled my direct debit with them and I guess it's now a waiting game for the inevitable claim for repairs. I can't find any record of AV on my credit report using clearscore though so can't see if AV has closed the account, marked it as default etc which is a little frustrating but for now it's no news is good news I guess.
  3. I have printed off the VT but hadn't sent it because I wanted to be absolutely sure this was the right path to take. Someone had suggested to me to sell the car to we buy any car and they'd pay the finance company therefore negating the need to VT. They didn't offer enough for the car based on market trade in value so I walked away. The information provided on here thus far is great, the woman I spoke to at National Debtline was only a route I took this afternoon as I was looking to see if I had missed anything before posting the letter. So with regards to the information I was
  4. Just spoken to a lady at national debtline regarding VT and she has raised a couple of things I'm not sure about. She claims that even though I've paid well beyond 50% of the agreement, AF can pursue me for 100% of any figure they deem appropriate for excessive wear and tear. Is this correct? If so, do I have any defence to this? As I stated above, the car is in reasonable condition for its age. It seems crazy that the vehicle itself has no value with regards to the remaining balance of the agreement. I owe them £1730 approx and the car must be worth at least £1300. I thought I
  5. Thanks for your input guys. I'll get the letter sorted and see what happens. It was definitely a HP agreement btw dx100uk
  6. That's what I've seen banded about but I suppose the point I'm trying to emphasise is that with paying 3/4 of the agreement, surely even if they try the petty deductions route I'd be unlikely to incur charges. The car has minimal wear and tear, just the expected bumps you'd expect on a 10 year old vehicle.
  7. Hi folks, I know there are similar posts to this one but they mainly focused on being under the 50% paid point of the agreement. I have a hp agreement with AF over 48 months to the value of around £7800. This includes interest, the car was £4500 when I bought it. I have made 36 payments and cleared around £5800 so well beyond the 50% mark. I'm considering giving the car back to the finance company as I have £2000 left to pay and the car is likely worth just below this figure right now. This will be much lower by the time the agreement ends in December. The car is a Vauxh
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