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  1. Hi dx.... It was Red dept collectors.. The guys name, ive no idea, but im going to have a look through some old paper work today, I know i did have a receipt, but i have a nagging feeling i might have thrown it away a few years back when i had a sort out. After all, it was 12 years ago. And I am ashamed to say with hindsight, I payed cash, It was one of those uncomfortable situations, a guy presented his self, saying, and showing I owed money... And indirectly, I did. I wanted it gone and out of my life. We actually had company at the time, and the embarrassment was massive. I also had a business at the time, and was worried of the consequences it would have on that. It was my first ever experience of anything to do with debt. Thanks Again for your time.
  2. Hi. dx100uk I know better now, or course age has a habit of educating you on these matters. I will do the SAR thing, So it looks like the fact they have never defaulted the account leaves me wide open forever. How many years could they just leave this account delinquent and mark it as OK, or even why mark it as ok? Is that legal? Thanks
  3. So this might be a complicated one, any advice appreciated. I was recently looking at my credit file for the first time ever due to another issue. In 2002 i had a mobile phone contract with orange, my son was 18 at the time and couldnt get a mobile phone contract as his credit history was nil. I took out a phone for him on my contract. but the bill went out of his bank.. a year later he lost his job, and unbeknown to me at the time, he stopped paying the phone bill. First i knew about it, a year later a debt collector from RED was at my door. I payed him the full outstanding balance of £700 and odd pounds, and off he went, end of story, never heard another word. This was i think at the latest 2005. yesterday i checked my credit score, and there it is.. Orange / ee.. £663, the rating says thats been outstanding since 2011, but thats only because thats how far the report goes back. Its reported as being OK. No default, nothing.. My dilemma, is i have no records of this payment, at the time, i was given a receipt, but this is about 12 years ago!! Im worried that by contacting ee, this will prompt a default, and thats unfair. I will be suffering the consequences of that debt for 12+ regardless of the fact it was payed in full.. Does anyone have any suggestions of what i should do first? Many thanks.
  4. I told them i had no card details and i no longer had the original goldfish card, or account number. Just said to write to them, as my address has changed, and bank account details were different, they said my details may have been archived, and it would be best to write in, should i send them anything like a cca? Really wasnt very helpful! Sorry, she actually said probably been sold, as the account number i had, wasnt one they would have
  5. Hi all, CCA sent this morning to Cohens. The letter i posted this morning was the cover note i included for the solicitors, asking them to provide me with the docs they have to take it to court. dx100uk.. I have rang Barcleys, they said as the account is so old, and was sold, i would need to write into them giving as much detail of the account as i have. As i dont have the card numbers or account number, the one i have pertains to the debt collector not them.
  6. Hi dx100uk, I never had a card issued by Barclaycard, I had the goldfish card, i had started to try to pay this off years before the take over, i never even had contact from barclaycard if i remember rightly, i just saw the money leave my account as normal every month. at this time, my marriage broke up, my business went down, i moved address.. . I have no personal records from this time, ( hell hath no fury like and ex wife). My personal bank account is also different and has been for 6 years too. Ive looked through the few things i do have from back then, but nothing indicated to that account or card. could some one tell me if this cover letter to cohens is ok? in this i will include the cca for Robinson way As I said, im new to all this and relying on copy and paste... Howard Cohen & Co. Solicitors Suite 1B Joseph’s Well Hanover Walk Leeds LS3 1AB [removed - dx]
  7. Just doting some I's. Who should i address the cca too, To robinson way? then send it to cohens? Or direct to Robinson way, and send Cohens a cover letter with a copy of letter to Robinson way, and proof of postage etc? surely by not sending it direct to robinson way, they wont be in receipt of it in time for the solicitors to file the case?
  8. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria, I was wondering what the date was it falls off the credit report was all, if it was date of default, or pate of last payment. Maybe im trying to take in to much information at once, which isnt like me at all! (haha)
  9. Hi all, I was just sifting through my credit report and noticed something i didnt previously notice. The original creditor (Barclay Card. ) has put the default on 30/03/2011 But the debt collector (HPH2) has listed default date as 27/04/2011. Does this matter? Sorry, im just trying to understand what the actual default date was.
  10. Ok, First, thank you all for advice, I will do as suggested tomorrow, I already brought the postal order on Friday in readiness, but again, wasn't sure that was the right thing to do. Just one more question, who shall i sent the cca to? Solicitor's Cohen's? or Robinson Way? Dept collectors to HPH2 LTD? The Client? Excuse my ignorance.. And again.. Thanks all And as an after thought.. I am stating on here what is written in credit report as it being marked as BB January, and February, then the default appears in March. ( which i have read on net as meaning its 3 to 6 month's in arrears) on said report from January 2011, and after December 2010, I had nothing coming in, in the way of income, So couldn't possibly have paid anything. I'm vague as at this time, it was my business and marriage going down the pan, so the credit card payment was the last thing on my mind.
  11. Hi sidewinder. This is the problem i am having, the default notice on my credit report says its not due to fall off until March, but for Jan and Feb, it is marked BB which ive read means it has been in unpaid arrears for the previous 3 to 6 months , as its so long ago, i am pretty sure the last payment was at best December 2010.. And those markers confirm i might be right, but its still on there because of the default date.? All i can tell you for sure, is i did not pay anything after January as i had no income what so ever by then. but i knew it was coming, so im almost sure i stopped paying the card at least a month or 2 before that. Previously, I have had offers to settle at 50% etc.. And i stupidly thought it was just debt collectors chancing there arm i could pay it. As im right on the fringe i have no idea what i should do? Many thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, Please be gently, im new to all this... Ive tried to read up a little this morning but not got very far alone. I will try to stick to facts because it seems easier to understand on here. History Credit card taken out in 1997 with goldfish it was maxed out at £2000 in 2003, i payed £100 a month off it for years trying to keep my head above water and it was never used after 2003. It was paid up until late 2010 i think. At which point it was £8000 owing! I was made redundant in 2010 which is why i stopped paying! I have had letters over the years from various dca's but i had buried my head in the sand as i was on benefits and struggled to eat never mind tackle debt. The debt since 2015 has been chased by Robinson way. Yesterday i got a letter, notice of pending legal action from Howard Cohen. They have given me 10 days from the date of the letter to make an offer, other wise they 'have been instructed to issue proceedings in county court' Trouble is, this letter was sent out on the 16th and i received it on the 20th I have looked on my credit report for the first time ever, and it is on there so not statue barred i think is the term ive read. Any or all advice appreciated greatly. Many Thanks DonOne
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