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  1. i was placed in the WRAG some months ago and had my first appointment at JCP a few days after, this was back in April and my work coach said she'd contact me in about 6 weeks time with another appointment but i'm still waiting. Just wondering is it normal to go months without hearing from your work coach as i'm a bit worried?
  2. Is it true the longer it takes to get the WCA results the less chance you have of been awarded ESA?
  3. They should continue to pay you through out the consideration period as well, it's unfair to leave people without money like that
  4. I try to look at things like that but I like to know whats going on and do you still get ESA payments while the reconsideration is taking place?
  5. Thank you, it was helpful and damn 12 weeks is a long time. You must have been going out your mind waiting for the results
  6. I had a WCA just over a week ago now, is there a chance I'll hear from the DWP before this time next week? All this waiting is really affecting my nerves
  7. The 3 main parties all look for ways to steal money from the poorest people in order to give it to their banker friends
  8. When they say work experience what they really mean is slave labour
  9. I've heard a lot of bad things about the WP and it's providers, whats it's going to be replaced with? I'm hoping i'll be put in SG again as the JC could end up making me worse again.
  10. Improved a bit and i guess i could cope with been in WRAG, how do the Jobcentre treat people on ESA? Also is it possible the decision maker will decide to keep me in the SG? Sorry about the late reply, i only just noticed your comment.
  11. Thank you, I just want to know the outcome right now as all this waiting is making me nervous.
  12. I'm currently in the SG and have been for the past few years, sorry I should have said ESA reassessment.
  13. Your adviser sounds very ignorant to me and has no right saying such a thing to you, you can't just be cured of anxiety and depression over night. Yes you can add that to your claim as it's affecting your health, your adviser is in no position to decide you're ready to return to work.
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