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  1. Hi All, I have just received a call from the Police regarding an accusation of the theft some photographs by a previous employer. I worked for this lady for 10yrs and in this time there has been a high turn over of staff due to her behaviour. I finally had enough and left in November of last year and since then she has had several staffing changes (one of which she accused of stealing her money). Last week she sent me an email almost accusing me of the theft of her photographs, which I ignored with no longer working for her and it being quite snotty. Today the police called to advise that she had been in touch with them and named only myself as having possibly taken them. She told them I had only given my notice in last week (I have been working for my new employers for over a fortnight, having taken Christmas off. I gave my notice in November, took my holiday entitlement and also sick leave as she made me ill) and the police were lovely, advising me that as far as they are concerned the items may not actually be missing, but that they had to follow up on the call. I know that she is doing this out of spite as that is the kind of woman she is, but where do I actually stand if she persists? The police are welcome to check my home, but this is beginning to make me ill again and I do not want it to effect my new employment? Thank you
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