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  1. It’s a shame that I been ringing court all day but they dint answer. I have posted my WS anyway to court. I suppose I have to wait n see what happens
  2. Trying ringing the court. Keeps ringing. No answer. I try again in early hours in morning
  3. Reason I dint file defense coz I was waiting for their response to CA CRP request. So I can prepare my defense accordingly. What are my options now ?
  4. Okey. I ring court and see if they reject their judgment
  5. I accepted the part admission when I received court letter very first time. Later I received letter from court stating Part admission is rejected this is now a defended claim. At this point I seek advice from CAG and filed my CCA CRP to Cohen. In which I mentioned that I am contesting the whole amount of claim. Which I still wish to do so.
  6. They dint give any reason for rejecting the part admission. By the look of it the Claiment has rejected.
  7. I will just go ahead and file my WS with court. Should I amend WS and include my position on previous part admission ? And send one copy of WS to Cohen aswell as directed by court ?
  8. Dear Mr Ali Re:xxxxx Portfolio Holding 2 Limited -v- Mr Xxxxx Claim no: Xxxx Hearing 15 August 2018 at xxxx We confirm that our client have considered the Part Admission filed, where you accepted the sum of £900.00 and offered to repay the sum by monthly instalments of £10.00 per month. Our client have instructed us to accept this offer of repayment, accordingly a request for judgment has been submitted to the court for the amounts you have accepted. We therefore do not intend to file any documents and we have asked the court to vacate the hearing. Kind regard
  9. Ok. I amend that bit. Anything else I can add ?
  10. Case reference XXXXXX Claimant : XXX Portfolio Ltd. 1; I contest whole amount of the claim made by claimant. 2; I requested CPR 31.14 and CCA from claimant’s solicitor in Feb 2017. 3; On 02-03-2017 I received a letter from debt collectors that they have stoped all collection activity on this account. 4; On 03-04-2018 after more than 1 year I received some papers from claimant’s solicitor. Which seems to be incomplete. 5; Only 2 statements of the account was provided. One dated 27-09-2012 and other 28-08-2013. 6; Claimant did not show/prove that how I reached this amount. 7; The
  11. Ok. I have written WS in bullet points. Is there any link as how to write professionally?
  12. Ok. So I will send my WS to the court. Should I send it to Cohen aswell ? Should I attach covering letter to the court that Cohen did not send me any documents till date ?
  13. As per direction of the court both parties to submit the documents by 28-05/2018 to each other and court. As I haven’t received anything from Cohen till today I rang them up to see which date they will post the documents to me so we can have simultaneous exchange. Because last thing I want to do is to send them my WS and they make amendments to theirs. To my surprise Cohen told me that the part admission you submitted (very very first time) it’s been accepted by our clients. When clearly it was rejected by the court. Afterwards when I took advice and requested CCA and CRP
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