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  1. Probably will, it's just a little out of the way. More principal of the thing than anything else.
  2. He didn't know for sure, but the person I spoke to on Tesco Twitter said it was probably the Security Manager but she has failed to speak to them today about it as they wouldn't ring her back (4 times she asked them apparently) so has emailed the store to find out what the problem is. I've also emailed customer services with a formal complaint and the CEO office I wrote to earlier replied saying that one of their team is looking into it for us. I just think banning someone who ultimately spends a good few £1000s a year in their store for no reason at all is a bit daft. After all tha
  3. Thank you for that. I have emailed the CEO today, but will get something down in writing now to the store manager and area manager.
  4. Hi My partner has been banned from our local Tesco but has done nothing. Let me explain. He started going yellow sticker shopping in Oct/Nov last year as we were pulling our belts in due to a financial issue. He went to purchase something and was told it wasn't reduced, so the woman took it away and he paid for what he had. Next time he went in, his card was banned. The woman told him she thinks she made a mistake banning his card as she did a batch of them and thinks she got the number wrong. They told him to change the card by phoning up and get a new one. He did. He then
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