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  1. Hey!Thank you for your help on this matter. I would like to get this matter sorted,however every time I tried to talk to uni or ask for the signed agreement they only said if I don't pay they will pass my details to debt collector company. In the case I receive a Claim form could I just pay the debt and get rid of the problem then or once the process is started I'd have to go through all of it.
  2. Thank you,DX! I've re-red the letter without panicking and you are right, they say they will advise the client to apply for CCJ. However, how likely it is that the uni would really apply for one in this case ? Also,if they do apply but is no written agreement between us stating the terms and conditions, could they win?
  3. Not sure what questions you mean. I've answered everyone so far I believe. Unless is something I can't see...? Thank you!!
  4. Hi renegadeimp and thank you for your answer. But is it possible for the unu to take legal action even tho they have sold the debt to Controlaccount PLC ?
  5. Hi Bazzas.Thank you for your reply! Yes it is their 'Masters intern bursary'. I have worked 37hrs and they credited me with £10 per hour.
  6. Thank you very much for your reply,DX! Indeed they say a lot "will" or "could". However I've heard they can apply for a CCJ if the Uni gave them the right to. While with regards to the other questions concerning the agreement or contract, I asked them various times and they just told me that I have to pay. And that I have tha handbook where conditions are stated. But the welcome handbook cannot replace a contract or signed agreement,can it? Thank you again! Alex
  7. Hi everyone, After graduating uni I have applied to a Master scholarship and I have been given one. The university agreed to pay for my full master course and I was to cover 350 hrs of internship during the whole year course. A few months into my degree I had to defer due to health issues. At the time they were encouraging and advised me to freeze the course for a few months and then decide if I want to come back depending on how I feel. When the time came I decided to not continue it and as they heard this they told me I have to pay for the first semester as I did
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