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  1. Thank you DX - is there a fee for this, and should it be handed in over the counter of the court etc?
  2. Thanks to everyone for taking their time to respond to my issues. How do i go about filling in these forms, in person at a court, online etc? Are there any caveats or special wording to make them more likely to succeed? Also is there a cost involved. Im on my absolute bottom at the moment and literally have nothing for a few weeks, including oil in the tank, heating or hot water... all good fun with a 6 year old and an 8 week old baby!! Sorry for the sob story Get the CCJ dealt with in the form of set aside etc. . or get it dealt with as in pay it
  3. Publicly or to you directly? I was told that given my circumstances it probably made sense to hand the vehicle back and that the fact i was being helpful and open would all act in my favour.
  4. I have been trying to discuss this with the finance companies solicitors, who i believe to just be a sub section of the finance company. I have received a letter stating that I have to make a payment of £394 by tomorrow from the courts, however received a visitor from the Bailiff today regarding notice of first visit. I have argued with the solicitors that this is no fair, as had I know that the charges / shortfall would be so high I never would have left my self in this position. Essentially I have been charged £8000 for borrowing a vehicle for one month! Do i phone the insurance
  5. They should have been aware The vehicle was collected from new address Also when I emailed in asking what shortfall there was etc.. the letter I received from their solicitors stating that I would have to await the CCJ paperwork came to my new address, as have all subsequent dealings. When I have spoken to the solicitors, initially they said that everything has been sent to my current address, but they then found that the CCJ was sent to my previous
  6. Hi Everyone Im hoping for some help on this please. I took out finance december 2015 on a vehicle, immediately fell into difficulties in January and had the car repossessed. I was in complete communication with the finance company, met the transporter to recover the car and kept talking with them throughout. They explained that there may be a shortfall from the resale of the vehicle which i appreciated I heard nothing for a month or so, but expecting there to be some shortfall emailed the company to find out what happened next . I then had a letter sent to
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