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  1. It's two cards. Visa card with debt of £1548 and MasterCard with debt of £772 both debts sold to Cabot. i updated the address sometime this year before it was sold.
  2. I have contacted NatWest before regarding this issue, there is no ppi on the accounts. The credit limit on the Visa card was £1400 charges of £148 and credit limit on master card was £700 and charges of £72. I have updated my address with Natwest. they called and told me that they have sold the debt to cabot. . What step shall I take now? If possible I do not want to pay Cabot a dime. Thanks once again
  3. hi it is a credit card accounts. One master card and one visa card. Visa debt £1540 and master £772. I missed two payments and NatWest closed all my accounts including the current account. I was never overdrawn, they did inform me that they will close my accounts but the reason was not given. Yes I moved address in 2014. Cabot have sent me up to three letters now
  4. Hi all, I need your advice. NatWest closed my accounts in 2013. Because of this, There has been default on my credit file since then. Now Cabot are chasing me for that debt, it must have been sold to them. Can you please advise on how to approach this issue. Thanks in advance
  5. There is CCJ against my name. The Debt was sold to Cabot/ Mortimer Clarke solicitor by Vanquis bank. The Cabot/Mortimer requested for attachment of earning through the court and I have since arranged a payment plan with them to prevent the attachment of earning. But now the debt has been removed from my credit file because the debt is more than 6 years but the CCJ is still there because it was set against me in 2015. My question now is since the debt has been removed from my credit file must I still continue paying as agreed? I look forward to receiving your replies.
  6. I missed the payment 3 months in a row, that was what prompted them to closed the account they were asking me for full payment and I didn't and that was how I accumulated those late and missed payment charges of £148
  7. the credit limit on the account was £1400 plus natwest charges now gone up to £1548. This £1548 is what Cabot are now chasing me for.
  8. does that mean I should continue ignoring their letters or request CCA from them?
  9. I have received a letter from Cabot asking me to set up a monthly payment plan of £32.08. What should I do now?
  10. the card was taken out in 2005 and the last payment to the account was in 2013. Cabot has been putting default on my credit file since September 2016
  11. Hi All, I have an old debt with natwest. Natwest closed my credit card account in 2013, I can not keep with the payment because I lost my job and I informed them, I have heard nothing from them since 2014 not until recently when Cabot start chasing me for that debt. I called natwest and I was told that that debt has been sold to Cabot and that I should contact Cabot instead. Can anyone advise on how to navigate this. Thanks in advance
  12. what is the name of the form I need to fill to suspend the attachment of earnings. Thank you
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