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  1. Hi, first time poster. We pay a monthly service contract with a large maintenance Company to service and repair our central heating system and gas fire as necessary. On 9th January we had a problem with the gas fire. We contacted them and they agreed to come out and look at it. Their Engineer, while inspecting the fire, lifted the 2 part cast iron grate out and dropped one piece on the marble hearth, chipping it. I pointed out what he had done, he admitted he had done it. I spoke to his Supervisor who came out to inspect the damage. Taking photos etc, and agreed that their Company was liable. He said that they were liable for all costs in putting the situation right to our satisfaction, including complete replacement of the marble fireplace if necessary as the damage is on the edge and he did not think it a repair would be viable. He said to give him a week to get back to us with a plan of action. I rang him as he hadn't rung us. He said he had found a stonemason who would repair the chip a week Saturday afternoon. Which sounded to me as though this wasn't going to be done by a Company but maybe just by someone he knew. So, Are we obliged to accept the repair? Can we insist that they go through their public liability insurance? Does the person doing the repair have to be a qualified stonemason, and give a guarantee? How long a guarantee would be appropriate? Is our contract then still with the Company or with the subcontractor if we are not satisfied with the quality of the repair, or the repair doesn't last? Thank you in advance for any help
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