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  1. Good Morning Rose, Sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience with your delivery. We do everything possible to ensure that we provide you with a good service, so naturally it’s disappointing to hear stories like yours. When you add the claim with us, we do make you aware that you need to provide 2 types of documents to process the claim. I am afraid without these documents, we would be unable to process the claims. The documents required are - Proof of non-delivery - The proof of non-delivery should be a signed Letter or Email from the intended recipient to say they have not received the goods in question. Proof of value - The proof of value should show us the value of the item (excluding profit and any consequential costs) you are claiming. This can be purchased receipt, eBay auction screen shot showing the sold item on 'My eBay', a transaction page from PayPal or an Invoice. I understand that you have been speaking our claims department and you have attempted to attach the documents to this email thread, however, we are unable to receive attachments and have provided you with an alternative email address to send the documents through to us. This has been provided to you on 4 occasions, despite this we have not received any further documents from yourself through to this email address. Would you be able to send the documents we require from you to the email address provided? This will then allow us to process the claim further. Dianne Fisher Parcel2Go Customer Service
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