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  1. Sorry I've not got back sooner, head went west. Thanx for the replies, I'll try to answer your questions fully. The figures from an award letter dated feb 17 were £73.10 your living expenses £62.45 because I'm severely disabled 15.90 disability guarantee £36.55 Because support group £188.00 Total per week The only figure on award this month £125.55 per week No explanation just "this is because of": "a change in the money coming in" Thats it. Neither CAB or welfare rights have got back to me yet so I guess they're having problems getting a straight answer too. M/R needs to be in soon so time to stop worrying about the How/Why, and deal with the reality, I'll keep you informed If I hear more. Thanx Jimi
  2. Ok I've been in the system for 8 or 9 years now and been through the M/R appeal process several times,M/R's all unsuccessful, Appeals all successfully, so don't really need help but having just been awarded 4 points for PIP and losing that money, several days later I received a letter from ESA saying because of the PIP they will be taking over a third of my ESA away, leaving me in the support group as they accept I'm not fit for work. When I rang them to ask I was told that PIP is now the gateway for the higher rate for the support group, whereas 2 years ago I was told the opposite, Both CAB and welfare rights seem very confused by this, Is this new?
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