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  1. Which is probably why there main customer service manager shops there!!! They honestly didn't see that there was a problem, even though it happens frequently! Why wouldn't the local store contact me at the very least to tell me they didn't have it in stock but I could pick it up another time? I could have bought less but the online website said I had to spend £40 minimum!!!
  2. Kieran's off to sell it on EBAY and spend it at TESCO!!!!
  3. I ordered some fresh fish online , how easy was that I thought, took my order then gave me a collection date with a 2 hour window at Billericay branch. I made my way through the marauding hoards on a Saturday after queuing to get into their car park to pick my Kipper cutlets I was cooking for a large breakfast. To my surprise my fish seemed a little light, so I checked to find £5.10 worth of fish, I asked where the rest was to be told they only get told of the order the day before, is this not a system fault , yes was the reply. Oh well that's ok the
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