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  1. I gave them the info but they claim they cannot receive it by email. I see they have a very poor reputation and the directors seem to use lots of company names to avoid contact and traceability. I am certainly not the last to have items stolen by them.
  2. Parcel2Go are still scammming their fraud service. I sold item on Ebay for £50. I sent parcel by them and insured it for £50 Two weeks later still not recieved so customer reported me to Ebay who took £56 out of my bank. I asked P2G for refund but as of this date they are still refusing to pay bu claiming they cannot recieve attachments to emails so cannot get proof of nondelivery - yet they gave me a chart showing that the depot had handed the parcel to the courier and the courier had 'lost ie stolen it'. It seems they have a bad record of this and numerous complaints so it looks like they are operating a nice little fraud and my case may just be the tip of the iceberg.
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