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  1. Thanks very much I will try this when I get home
  2. Hi I can't remember the day I joined, it was monthly rolling. I didn't have the money spare, and I cancelled my direct debit as i assumed that this is all that I would have to do
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if you are still active here but if you are then I would appreciate your help. I'm in a similar situation except I was paying monthly and cancelled after the first months payment. Harlands added fees and now have passed it over to CRS. They say I was due them 21.99 but now I'm due something like 128, which I wouldn't be happy to pay. I sent them the email that you instructed to use and I got this reply "Further to your recent correspondence regarding your account balance. We have been passed your file by Fit4Less in regards to unpaid arrears due under the terms of your Membership Agreement. On 18 October 2016 you entered into a monthly Membership Agreement with Fit4Less. You agreed to pay £21.99 a month for a minimum period of 1 month. As your minimum term of payments was not honoured and you failed to rectify your breach of Agreement charges were applied to your account and your file was referred to ourselves for collection. Your membership with Fit4Less has not been cancelled correctly and your account balance remains payable. Your offer to settle your debt is not acceptable and you continue to have an outstanding account balance of £128.49, please note the additional costs incurred have been applied correctly under the Terms of your Agreement." Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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