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  1. Ok Slick, I'll have a think about that. To be honest my other school of thought is to just accept the problem as it is not a major fault and just wait and see if I ever get an invoice. I read on another thread that they would have 6 years to send me an invoice and it would be too late for them after that. Many thanks.
  2. Many thanks for your offer of help with a signed for on delivery registered letter if I need one Slick.
  3. Hi Slick, What is the best way to deliver the letter if I put it in writing or if he continues to ignore me? Mind you I suppose it's best to get some written dialog going and see what happens. What about if I just ask hom in writing if all my bills are settled or could he still send an invoice for work done before the letter was sent even if I do that. Yes, you right. The honest and correct thing to do is as you say is ask what he is going to do about fixing the problem and then pay him what I owe when it's finished. Is it best to get a solicitor to send the letter or just ask him to verify reciept of the letter in writing? Many thanks Slick.
  4. Colin, IMHO your absolutly on the button. If you can borrow on the present low rates, are able to get fixed rates and inflation takes off you would be quids in. The winners at the momement are those with fixed rate low interest loans and the losers are the carefull one's with loads of savings and earning next to nowt interest rates waiting whilst inflation erodes the buying power of their cash. Or worse still, they end up in a care home. House and cash gone.
  5. Thanks Martin, It does not seem fair whilst the interset rates are alomst at zero that a builder could potentially do a poor job that the customer does nothing about because he recieved no invoice for it, then months or even years later could potentially claim the bad work was not is but still demand full payment for it and an interest rate of at least 5%.
  6. Hello Martin, Just one last thing. I wondered what would be the case if the builder later claims to have sent an invoice. I can guarantee I have not recieved one. Would he need to prove he has sent an invoice if he later tries to claim it plus interest. BTW The thread has been moved again but I don't know how to find it. Hopefuly you will still see this Martin. Sorry, I' a newbe!
  7. Hi Martin, No I have not tried to contact him but I have set the funding for it aside if it gets demanded. I forgot to add that I have a pub biseness so it would be biseness to biseness. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. Hi Martin, No plan made to rectify the works and nothing was paid during the works.
  9. Hi Martin, The answers are as follows: Scope of work done: Brick wall built Value of work: £2000 Builders name: Sorry I don't want to disclose this, just a local builder though. Is work completed: Work is completed but has some poor brickwork in it that I'm not happy with. I told him about it when he finished the work. Thanks Martin.
  10. Hi, I don't know how to start a new thread so I though I would join this one. I have not been billed or received any invoice for some building work I have had done. It's been several months and I have heard nothing. What I want to know is. Can I suddenly be invoiced from the days the work was done but with interest added? I have no contract and had no invoice. Thanks for any help.
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