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  1. Hi dx100uk, Thanks for your reply. 6 of them are now DCA's. I thought SB was once the debt was past the 6 year mark?
  2. Hi All, I am very new to this kind of thing but was hoping that this forum would be able to provide me with a little help. My wife and I entered into a DMP agreement in 2009 with around 46k of debts from 7 different lenders. All unsecured debts from credit cards and loans and we have never missed a payment to Stepchange. All debts have now gone from our credit files and there is no evidence of us being on a DMP. My question is this, as all of the debts are statute barred and our credit files are clean and we was to come out of our DMP and self administer would the debts reappear on the files and would I have to declare to a mortgage lender that we was on a DMP? Thank you for your help in anticipation of reply. Paul
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