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  1. Many thanks Andy for your much needed education . However I have a few bills from Robinson way , moorcroft ect ect and they all sent me bills with the remittence form on the bottom, are they different ? The only company that I have delt with that has refused me to pay via giro cheque is Lowell? Just trying to understand the system a bit better
  2. Plus if you read it , it was a question I asked "have they "
  3. With All due respect I think you have answered your own question , how can I pay a bill without a bill? Refusing to send me a bill is refusing payment isn't it ?
  4. Yeah I thought that myself that under a sars they will have to provide this information , however their words exactly were ''if I didn't log in and generate it myself then there's no file on the system for that date to show me, which obviously rang the alarm bells for many reasons. I'm still trying to get it and still get the same answer that no file exists. They pulling a fast one ?
  5. I have just found out something worrying via the Credit reference agency's and just wanted to see what other peoples views are on this matter, if any. In my opinion this is worrying because I don't think many people know that information that may be needed in the future is lost in the past If you the public do not act. let me explain, Recently I asked Experian If I could see my credit file for the whole month of September 2009 as I believed that a certain company had been doing some wrong things to my credit files and I needed to prove that they were unlawfully readjusting a default
  6. Many Thanks for your reply Uncle, I was unaware that these collections agency's who buy debt do not have to send out a ''bill'' I would of thought that any one asking for money from you would have to produce to you some sort of ''bill'' under some sort of law? but I'm probably way off, however I did have a debt with Robinson way and they sent a proper ''bill'' with the giro credit slip at the bottom which was adjusted and a a4v was made and accepted without a PN. Would it be possible to ask the original creditors to send this bill? The debts are for two credit car
  7. Many thanks Dx for your reply it is much appreciated. My credit files show Three debts to the amount of £5k all of which were placed into default a few months back all assigned to Lowell so no statue barred yet. I have paid them one debt which was cleared just before xmas and was subsequently removed, I was paying them all my carers allowance of 63 per WEEK and they took it like no one business and didn't even care they took it ALL of me every week with out fail which is not going to happen again. All I wanted was a Bill of them and they have refused t
  8. Hello everyone I hope your all having a good day, I have been sent a few demands for payments in a letter from Lowell portfolio in regards to various debts they have acquired. The letters are threats, demanding for payments and are asking me to phone up and arrange a payment. Today I rang Lowell ( I know, I know) and asked them for over an hour which I have recorded with their knowledge to send me a ''bill'' with a giro slip / cheque / remittance form so I can remedy the accounts they have refused to send me a bill with the remittance / giro form on the bottom.
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