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  1. here is the IO, I know i'm late posting this. I have found confirmation of an old JD williams account which im putting up as evidence to prove ive had dealings with them in the past and ill object to this order. IO_nolan_red.pdf
  2. The sheriff has refused to issue an order for them to produce a legitimate signed or verified CCA. It was opposed by Nolans obviously and in their letter they still insisted I produce bank statements. I will post up Nolans letter. I have found proof of past dealings with JDW so I can at least shut them up on that. But will post the letter later on and you can see what you think.
  3. Little update, they're not issuing an order for my bank statements but...............
  4. I haven't got access to a scanner atm but here is the vital text from their IA What they're requesting Their resons why
  5. latest order, I also have a Smple Procedure Recovery of Documents Application 10B from Nolans(via post, but not up on civil online so guessing still awaiting court response) asking for bank statements from all bank accounts I held during the alleged period. ProcOrder1.pdf edit: the sheriff did state at the last discussion that he wasnt going to issue an order but it was in my interest to provide statements. Will i say that in my response to the application to try and stop the application order being granted? i have sent a Form 10b to the court for them to order letters of sums of arrears and also a verified/authenticated copy of a CCA. I have sent that to Nolans. I'm hoping to swing back the focus on their lack of valid evidence and not my school boy errors..
  6. The sheriff asked if I admit or denied the statement, which I'd been dancing around answering I kept on bringing up the cca they produced even explaining how you could tell it was modified. They said they rename the file, but I explained that would change the modified date in windows not the embedded information. I 3ven said at one point "are you just going to overlook the fact that they have potentially produced a piece of fraudulent evidence" but I was just shot down and told that that was an issue for a later date. Nolans kept repeating that they had produced proof of the account and that I had no defense. Nolans basically reiterated what they said in the letter
  7. Well that went bad, I denied the account, brought up the blank document, brought up the lack of enforceable evidence, lack of default notice (which they said they didn't need because the account never defaulted as they're only seeking arrears) Now it's going to a heating where they want me to produce bank statements from those dates. It's not ordered for me to produce them but would help if I did apparently. They've also asked for any other jd account details to check account numbers to confirm my statement Pre hearing is 16th July and hearing 6th August., They have to bring in a witness to say the document wasn't tampered with.
  8. Here is what I wrote "I still intend to dispute this claim. The documents provided by the claimant seem to prove nothing, and in all honesty are very questionable at the very least. The CCA(C3) provided contains no signature or anything that would verify confirmation, be it a time stamp, online signature. Putting this document into a simple pdf editor clearly shows text boxes where my name and address are so any name or address could easily be added into what looks like blank template. The CCA is that which requires a “wet” signature to be valid. As well as this, simply by opening up the pdf (C3) in Adobe Acrobat and looking at the properties of the file, it says the original file was created on 30/01/18 and then modified on 18/02/2021 which makes me question the validity of this document. There has also been no letter of default produced. I feel that in all there is total lack of real evidence, and one very flawed questionable document. I therefore wish the sheriff to issue an absolvitor and request costs."
  9. Yes in my letter of intimation I wrote said it appeared to be a blank template, easily editable, and the properties of the file show it was originally created on this date and modified on this date etc etc. I requested the sheriff issue absolviator and costs. The letter from nolans is part in response to my letter of intimation
  10. I sent what I thought was an IA before I realised that it was an official court document. That is to say I requested the documents but did not lodge it so I ballsed up big time on that one
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