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  1. yep i think thats right...lol... it finished in my favour, all costs go to CQ case closed
  2. CASE DISMISSED!!! CQ were still awaiting paperwork from SD so the sheriff granted me decree!! different sheriff from last time, but she was nice. Thanks again guys for your help throughout... Its been a learning experience thats for sure!!!
  3. At the previous hearing the sherrif gave it 1month for cc to get something of substance to the table.. as of yet there is nothing.. My misses has signed for my SAR delivery and I've not had a chance to look at it yet.. On quick glance, the debt was bought for 3006 as claimed for. For the history of the account with SD I only made minimum repayments and yet they were increasing my credit limit at a rate of 300 every couple of months sometimes it was more. It went from a 600limit to a 3500 limit very quickly Last payment made 12/4/12 from what I can see Don't think it's looking too good now, unless cc fail to produce adequate paperwork.
  4. Update: ok I'd emailed SD and today I received lots of printtouts and screen grabs. I have still not had anything from cc or SS with regards to the case. I'm under the understanding I am to receive whatever SS intend to use 14 days before the court date which is next Wednesday. It's quite hard to make sense of it all but will have a proper look over once I get some time.
  5. what i got from SD... so looking at it I must have had 2 separate accounts, 1 acc number is the one on my summons the other isn't. They are asking what info i require (although i thought the SAR letter pretty much covered it! sdsarreq1.pdf
  6. I think I mentioned the SAR today and in my court summons response form. Hopefully it will have gone unnoticed
  7. We'll a previous case in the morning with capquest was a girl who was there 4weeks ago and she was returning but capquest had no documents supporting their case so the sheriff dismissed the case. He brought that same case up when he was talking to me and said he wanted to see why capquest has not yet responded to the CCA properly before he made a decision. The way he implied gave me the impression my case would follow suit. If I receive documents do I have to send them to SS? Also am i right in saying they have to provide me with what they intend to use at least 14 days before the court date? So in effect I have 14days from now to hear from them?
  8. So court was ok... I go back in 4 weeks.. capquest failed to produce any documents. I mentioned that it was unfair to bring me to court with no evidence actually with them and this is why the sheriff had given it 4 weeks to let capquest get their stuff together.. if they don't then it will probably get dismissed then..
  9. so just a quick update, i received a letter from capquest today saying they are forwarding my request for info to shop direct and will send me any once SD have gotten back to them. Also the letter says amount owed : £3299.xx?? its a different figure to what the court summons is saying??
  10. thank you .. I assume this is to buy me some time until all documentation from SD and DCA are retrieved, then just taking it from there. I should be able to get to the court today before 5pm so will hand in those pages. (can I just thank you all again for patience, help and advice) i'm still confused over the CPR to SS... I don't understand how this is not automatically covered under the simple procedure rules that came into effect last november, i'm also confused as to what I need to send to SS... I see the various sets of rules but a lot are designed for the prosecution.... am I missing something? From what I can see through the CPR is that the court contacts and sends the pursuer my response
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