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  1. The date was 25th Jan, I sent the acknowledgement straight away and then defence 2 days ago. I have sent in my Bullet point defence specifying the points mentioned on the parking prankster, no contract formed, forbidding sign, length of time etc. I have just received an email from Gladstones saying they will request a document only hearing. I have replied saying I will decline and request an oral hearing. How do I do this?
  2. I misread this the first time and thought you meant my defence, which im writing at this moment and will submit tomorrow. The claim they brought against me is: 1) The driver of the...vehicle... incured the parking charges on xx/xx/xxxx...for breaching the terms of parking on the land at heath parade nw9 2) The defendant is the registered keeper 3) the claimant claims: £150 for parking charges/damages and indemnity costs if applicable, together with interest of 15.33 pursuant to s69 of the CCA 1984 at 8% PA, continuing to judgement at £0.03 per day Thanks, Can post my defence once an outcome is decided, rather worried they may be reading
  3. Thanks Eric, I'll have a research up on those points, It'll be my first time in court and such so it's all very new, Thanks
  4. Further developments, I have received a court claim, Will be defending it with points from here and elsewhere, Will keep you posted with the result, and hoping to also submit my own claim afterwards for the misuse of personal information
  5. Hi thank you both for your help, I'll be making sure I submit a counterclaim also! Will post on developments
  6. Many thanks, Just seen it: parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/heath-parade-graham-park-way-[problem]-site.html for others use too
  7. Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can give, it is very much appreciated. Following receipt of a Letter before claim from Gladstones Solicitors I have responded to them disputing the claim, following a quick back and forth, I have received another letter from them stating that "they are not instructed to enter into any further correpondence...if payment is not made within 14 days - a claim will be issued without further notice" The initial parking charge notice was issued to me by post, although i have no recollection of receiving this as the alleged contravention was in September 2015, I then received the letter before claim in December 2016. 1) Details of the letter before claim are as follows: * Client - Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd. * Charge amount - £150 * Date of charge - 09/2015 * Location - Heath Parade NW9 then the usual comments about paying it 2) My initial reply to this letter is attached as parking letter 1 (after a few days research) 3) I then received the usual threat that they'd take me to court in response, not commenting on any of the points i made in the first reply - i will attach this once i find it as gladstone 1 4) i then sent another reply again making note of my points - this is attached as parking letter 2 5) Today i have received another letter disputing my points made in parking letter 2, stating that they will not discuss it with me anymore and that i should pay within 14 days or a claim will be made - this is attached as gladstone 2 Please could any of you lovely people provide me with some guidance as to how to proceed, My main argument is that the signage is inadequate and that no contract was formed, I have attached photos of the signage (photo 1) and the location of the car in relation to the sign on a wet day (photo 3) [another viewpoint is available] (Sorry for the quality, unfortunately cannot save the evidence as) A massive thank you to all that spend the time to read this, Kind regards, A rather annoyed "keeper" Parking ticket letter 1.pdf Parking ticket letter 2.pdf
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