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  1. Thanks @Andyorch I will update my address but I would like to stop them coming here if possible but I guess that's not! I now have to decide whether or not it is worth paying them to go away.
  2. @dx100uk I will do but wanted to know where I stood first. They might not have legal powers but they do have the power to make me feel uncomfortable and harass me which I don't want .@Andyorch Thank you for that. I am about 80% sure it is the CCJ but not 100%. I was considering sending them either the statute barred or prove it letter. Any thoughts on which would be better? I imagine that they paid pennies for the debt so part of me is considering offering them 20% to go away. Do you think this is a good idea? Thank you for replying I am quite worried.
  3. I got into a massive pickle with debt between 2005 and 2010. This was loans, overdrafts and payday loans. I have since had refunds from some of the payday loan companies and now have good credit rating. I have credit card and a loan which I am up to date with and am hoping to get a mortgage in 2-3 years but an old debt has come to bite me in the bum and I would like some advice. I had a CCJ relating to a student overdraft in around 2008. I buried my head in the sand and moved a lot and never paid it (I know it was wrong) and it has now dropped off my credit file. I had a couple of letters from Robinson Way for a debt which I assumed was statute barred but thinking about it could be the old CCJ. I moved house a couple of months ago and these went to my old address. I know the tenant that moved into my old address and have been told that some credit agency came looking for me. They didn't leave a letter or say who they were from but I did get one from ResolveCall acting for Robinson Way threatening this (I only saw this a couple of days ago as I collected some post) so I assume it was them. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on whether or not old CCJs are enforceable. If this was the original creditor I would be happy to come to an arrangement. However I am loath to pay these bottom-feeders if I don't have to. Obviously it is deeply unfair of me to just leave it as I don;t want them harassing the new tenant or the landlord so leaving it is not an option and I will pay them rather than subject them to DCAs calling. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me if very old CCJs are enforceable and point me in the direction of template letters. I will communicate with them via email as they can't claim not to have received things should this go any further. As I said above, I have worked hard to repair my credit rating and would hate this to destroy it again so if my only option is to pay I will.
  4. I have been trapped by payday loans for years and have finally seen the light and stopped the cycle. I will never take another payday loan again. I have payment arrangements with a few and put in an affordability complaint about Wonga and QuickQuid who I borrowed from month on month for years. I am yet to hear back from about QuickQuid. I had 23 loans in total from Wonga but only the last 3 were in the last six years. The last which I had defualted on was written off by Wonga without me making a complaint. I also received a small refund (less than £100) because they had made an error in calculating my interest. I know that the ombudsmen generally doesn't look into to older complaints but I was advised by the debt camel website that as my loans were month on month they might not be treated as a single borrowing decision and they might look into them as a whole. There is also the caveat that complaints within three years from when the consumer knew, or could reasonably have known, they had cause to complain. Wonga have contacted my adjudicator to offer me £193 for loan 22. The adjudicator has advised me that.This offer has been made before they have been able to look into the facts of my case. So they are unable to say whether I would’ve recommended the offer amount they are making me. If I accept the offer it will be full and final settlement of my complain and I will not be able to take the claim further. I am not sure what I should do. Money is tight and the money would come in handy. However, if they looked into earlier loans I think the refund would run into the thousands and I would be able to pay all my debts off and get these people off my back forever, as well as pay off a credit card and catalogues which are in arrears. Do you think I should hold out for more or take the offer?
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