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  1. Just a quick update, after a very worrying week, was contacted by MPLC today, they have agreed the £100 above standard payment on a 3 month trial, and will not at this time be pressing the court for possession .....PHEW..... Many thanks Ell-enn for all you help !!! Thank you thank you thank you !!! (Did I say Thanks? ) ( a word to the little guy, it is worth trying when you think all is lost! )
  2. Howdy, back again...the letter has been sent recorded next day signed for, which is good......I have just noticed though that Mortgages PLC have text me to tell me to ring them, and I have a few missed calls from them, do I ring or answer, and say what if I do. Thanks.
  3. Yes all good, it will be on the way first thing in the morning
  4. Again, many thanks , I will keep you informed of progress. This has made me feel a whole lot better and not so lost. You are a star Ell-enn.
  5. Theres 14 years left on it and £5071 arrears atm.
  6. After all the initial £100 over basic payment was rejected..... Sorry if I sound condescending , Im just a little worried.
  7. Ok thanks , If you could draft me a letter that would be fanstatic ! Would be it be better to offer £200 above the basic mortgage payment, as I feel we can afford this, I dont want to rock the boat, just get back to an even keel.
  8. Ok.....but if I don't set up an agreement, they will push for possession ?
  9. Hi, we had been paying £100 over the required payment, this is what was stipulated by the Judge at the start.....This is what we offered again
  10. Hi any help would be great, Im at my wits end. Back story - 7 years ago I was finished from my job on health issues, was put on ESA, but then taken off because of their incompetence ( thats another story). Anyhoo , long story short, gained around £10000 in Mortgage arrears and when to court for an order of possession , which was suspended....had a few bumps along the way , but ironed the out with Mortgages PLC, we have so far payed back £5000. Just 2 months before Christmas last year, missed 2 payments due to lack of funds, car issues etc...Morg PLC sent out an advisor to see what was occurring and set up an new agreement. Was told by the advisor that we would receive confirmation of acceptance of agreement, and to make payment 1/1/17 . Because of the NY etc, didn't know that agreement was accepted or not, but made the basic mortgage payment. Had a letter yesterday morning stating that we have failed to pay mortgage arrears under the terms of the possession order, so I rang them. The guy stated that the agreement was not accepted as we have unsecured debt items on the budget (£200 pm) submitted to them. These items where there before, and the offer of £100 over the mortgage payment was the same as before. He said that the only way I could go forwards was to contact a debt service and set up an agreement with them, to not pay the unsecured debt fully and reduce it to £30 a month, then pay the rest to Mortgages PLC.. Sounds fair , but I stated to him that we could save more and pay £200 above the Mortgage payment, but he didn't seem interested to pass this information on over to the collections dept. Would it be worth ringing again to try to speak to someone else, or do I have to use the dept service ? This is some thing I really don't want to go down, some items I pay for are HP, laptops for college kids etc, they need them for eduction, I would sooner make a agreement directly. If they did push for the order of possession, could I go back and fight my case again...? I admit we where in the wrong for not keeping up the order, but after we have shown willing for 4-5 years paying back £5000 surely this means that we are committed to repay the arrears? Any help would be great.
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