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  1. Thanks for the reply. You have essentially echoed my own feeling on this matter. I'm not quite sure how to proceed at this point. I'm wondering if there are different routes for recovering losses given the accommodation was in Scotland?
  2. Hi My sister-in-law (Lucy) booked Airbnb accommodation in Edinburgh for the month of August 2017. She booked this a few months ago. The intention was to spend time at the Edinburgh Festival. She paid up-front for this and a number of us have booked and paid for flights. Earlier this week, the host of the accommodation got in touch and said that Lucy had somehow been given the 2016 price and that she would have to pay £1200 more if she still wanted the accommodation. This is well beyond her budget for the trip and the host has now removed the property from the Airbnb site. The host has ref
  3. I have written copy from original invoice and text from last night confirming it would be delivered this pm. They have just been in touch to say they couldn't deliver it because it wasn't delivered to them.
  4. They've offered to re-deliver on Saturday afternoon. I wouldn't have bought it from them if I'd known this would have happened. Not even an apology just "not our fault!"
  5. Taken a day off to have my fridge delivered by Currys as arranged. Guess what? Just had a message saying they now can't do it. Thanks Guys.
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