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  1. Quick question about Job centre plus. I have been ask to log into there computers using UJM even though they know its not my primary job search engine and I print everything I apply for and show them. ( which I replied " I don't know my password " ) so the advisor has asked me to bring my password in next sign on to do a 20 minute intensive job search with him ? he was also telling me about companies that I can get work experience from and at the end of it get a interview ( done this before waste of time ) and when I asked if its mandatory he said no but we can find some mandatory things. my question is do I have to log in using there computers and does he have the right to make me do a 20 minute intensive job search using only UJM while signed in on my account as I don't wish to put my passwords in on public computers which has access to my personal details. worst thing is I keep asking for courses but they just wont budget for them unless I can guarantee I have a job afterwards.
  2. Thanks , I will be able to get that as I was told it could take longer to heal. thanks for the help.
  3. Hi , Im not sure I'm posting this in the correct section but I'm sure someone could help me.... I have handed in a Js28 form which covers me for 14 days ( first sickness) I had surgery done and 2 weeks was minimum healing time. its now 10 days but i haven't fully healed after surgery do I need to get a Drs note or can I self cert again for a further 14days? can you self cert back to back 2 x 14days , but then you are entitled to no further sickness for a year ? thanks guys much appreciated.
  4. Thanks trebormoinet i will keep everything to a minimum my advisor has already seen my cv and said "its good to go". I did refuse them to keep it and I took it back and didn't let it leave my sight thats why on my last visit she was asking me to make a cv or take the cv checklist home and fill it out, As she said she can't help me without any information, even though i told her, "I'm applying for my own jobs and will show her evidence of each job search" ( I also refused to show her my UJM and even the job centre doesn't have permission to see it ) I think I will just tell her what type of jobs I'm looking for again and tell her to email me what ever she finds within reason. thanks for your help really appreciated.
  5. yes to be honest Im already getting the odd text message with crappy jobs though their providers which i dont reply to. Would it be best if i email her and ask her to tell me if making a new cv with them is mandatory or not, that way I have it in writing, and should i write to FOI requesting if its mandatory to fill out a cv with a third party ( which they will say its not then i can show my advisor that).
  6. Hi trebormoinet thanks for the reply , i dont think its mandatory but my advisor said everyone has to do this, even though my advisor knows what type of jobs I'm looking for. I don't mind to fill it out as i have not signed any consent form and if they do send my cv out they are going against their own rules. I will fill parts of the form out within reason and explain I dont want it to be sent out to every tom dick and harry they are partners with. If they did abuse my cv ( since i didn't sign the first form to allow them to send my cv to anyone, the induction form ) could i mention this to her and say "i haven't give consent to send my cv to third parties but she can have some information enough to send me jobs" and if they do start blasting my cv out to anyone and everyone how easy is it to withdraw my email phone number and cv. thanks again.
  7. Hi guys just a quick question, I have not allowed Ingeus to keep my cv and i also have not signed the consent form. On my last meeting my advisor handed me a CV check list and said everyone has to do it and I was told I can do it in Ingeus office or take the form home to fill out, after reading the cv check list they basically want all my last work places and references ect. I dont mind filling some of it out but I dont want them applying for jobs for me as some jobs they have offered me already are awful agencies which have a reputation not to pay people. if i give them some Information so they can send me jobs available to my email or phone number would they abuse it and can they start sending my cv out to anyone without my knowledge considering i have not signed any Induction pack giving them consent to send my data.
  8. Lapsed Workaholic, Thank you so much for this Information It will help greatly. Already got a email today saying there is a job through one of there providers who they work with and I should send my cv to them if I'm interested, which i have found online and already applied myself. ( so i feel they are definitely pushing to get my cv ) once again thank you and I will continue to keep reading through the posts.
  9. Yes I agree, to be fair my advisor seems really nice ( still not signing anything though ) and I have told her if she can find me work which will not make me any worse off than I am now I'll be happy for her to email me the jobs so i can apply for them. my only concern really is when typing out the cv's using there computers or job searching they save passwords or information not sure if thats true or not but a lot of comments seem to suggest this. whats your thoughts on this, also did you hand them your cv's to keep copies off and sign everything they gave you ? regards
  10. Hi guys need some information about Ingeus, I had my first meeting today my advisor she seems nice although It was only the first meeting i only printed my name when going into the office and refused to sign anything. Although I was not pressured to sign anything on the first meeting just asked if i have my induction pack which i said " yes its in my bag". only thing i did sign but with a different signature to my normal signature was to get refunded for my taxi which i didnt ask for she just mentioned it and refunded me even without a receipt. Im looking for work everyday but reading through some comments on here I'm keeping my guard up and will only do everything through Dwp. my question is I have a CV. but have been told I need to make another one ( refused them to keep my copy) they said everyone has to do it. so do i have to make a new copy ? and also when doing job searches do i have to use there computers as i do not wish to sign in anything on there computers so if i get called in to do a job search can i just job search and write it down and apply when i get home ? Dwp gave my advisor my email and phone number and house number which they need to send letters i suppose. any information would be great as I'm a newbie and want to keep myself safe from this work program although want to work with them to get into work , also i asked for driving lessons but was told they do not do them.
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