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  1. Thank you both for your guidance once again. Regards G
  2. Is this not something I should be worried about ?
  3. Hi Please can I get some further Help. The Solicitors Letter has arrived today. What should I do ? Regards Sol-let-06.pdf
  4. This is the latest letter from the debt collector Smart3.pdf
  5. I received it on the 7 -1-17. What should I do now ? Regards
  6. Thank you for your help guy's, sorry for the newbie mistakes. Smart 2.pdf Smart.pdf
  7. High , Please can I get some guidance. I visited my grandchildren over Christmas and took them around some shops on a particular day. Parked in a small car park outside Darlington Sports Direct. It seems I overstayed by about 20 minutes. they have sent me a letter asking for £45.00 going upto £90.00 if I didnt pay quick enough . I read on here somewhere that I should ignore the first letter and wait for a second . I have received a letter now from a dept collection agency wanting £160.00, where do they get these prices , what should I do ? I a have attached the pictures of the signs and my letters.
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