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  1. Hi all I paid for items in full from a company however, the business has had it premises seized for failure to pay the rent. The landlord intends to sell the goods in the unit towards rent arrears. As I paid in full for items in the unit can he do this?
  2. Hi I got a DWF letter on the 10th looking for the value of the item (although I thought they would be resellable) and £125.00 fixed costs. On a side note I was told I was banned for 12 months by security but did not sign anything, will I get a letter from Tesco re this or is their word enough? Also if the 'interview with security' was recorded they stated clearly I would be charged between £80.00 and £120.00, small point but is this some form of failure on their part giving me false or misleading information, also some people mention being given a letter explaining RLP at the time and I was
  3. Hi, I am over 18 and I was shopping at a major store last week, I bought about 12 items but one of the items I threw into my trolley landed directly into the carrier bags I had brought to store. I was stopped by security exiting the store and taken to the back room where I was videoed and had my driving licence taken for ID and a CR check . The police were not called as the item was under £20 in value , I was told I was/would be banned for 12 months and that an RLP company would be in touch to recover £80 - £120. I have two questions: 1. Should I pay the RLP company
  4. Can you please explain, I had a similar issue and they took my driving license for id?
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