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  1. Hmmm, I never thought of asking for a courtesy car/taxi, or for them to pick it up from my home (which would suit me best as I could just work from home). Thanks for the tips.
  2. Thanks for your reply. The only real thing annoying me now is that I will have to take a full day off work in order to take it to the VW dealership to get the work carried out. I don't imagine anything would come of writing to them. I'll check my documentation and see if there is any mention of the statement.
  3. I bought a diesel Volkswagen Passat estate car around a year ago from a local car dealership. While my wife and I were out for a test drive, I made sure to ask the salesman if the car had been affected by the VW emissions scandal. The salesman told us that it was not as they had checked. However, I recently received a letter from Volkswagen stating that my car was indeed affected. We would not have bought the car had we known that it was affected. What are my rights in terms of the dealership? I have no written or recorded record of the conversation, bu
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